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  1. Project Life participators... Please have a good look at the updated tracking charts. I will be doing the draw for the quarterly prize in the middle of the coming week. You can find the charts HERE

    I am also sharing the October photo themes for those who like to use them. 


    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Mine looks good. Thanks, Anne-Marie.

  2. Project Life participators... just a little reminder that the end of September is coming up soon and that means our third draw of the year for one person to win a template set. 


    1. MariJ


      Thanks Anne Marie - I keep getting distracted every time I start my September page! 

  3. Mix It Up September - forum game.... for those playing along this month, the last instructions for this week can be found HERE

    1. CRS


      Thanks for a fun week Anne-Marie! I have some catching up to do today.

  4. Mix It Up September - forum game.... for those playing along this month, I am sorry I am late sharing today instructions... they are there now 

  5. Project Life participators...I have updated the charts to the end of August so please check that I have not missed anything.

    You can find the charts in the opening thread of the challenge HERE

  6. Time is running out to take part in Amanda's Faithspiration Challenge which you can find HERE

  7. Project Life participators: you can find the photo prompts for September HERE

    I will do an update of the chart next week. 

  8. Hope you will all join in on this week's Newsletter Challenge which you can find in the forum HERE

  9. Has everyone read through our fun nonsense game as there are some fun results.

    You can find it HERE

    1. englishrose
    2. lorac


      Read through all of them and they were quite funny.

  10. I am here using my laptop as my computer/craft room is being painted. the last room in the house to be painted. I do not have the laptop set up for doing  scrapbooking so I am spending the day sorting and throwing out bits and pieces of my papercrafts things. 

    1. Ande43


      I need to do that....these VERY hot (105) days in ND are Hibernation days so was scanning photos yesterday....


    2. Boatlady


      I use my laptop for scrapping the whole summer while we live on the boat...it's not as nice a the big screen I have at home but it works. It will be so nice to have a freshly painted room it will be worth the inconvenience.

    3. AmandaFace


      I love getting rid of stuff!

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  11. Attention all new members using the galleryHERE is a link to a tutorial which will help you upload to the gallery and you place your credits in the description box. 

  12. Fun with Styles by rescaling .... you can find a tutorial I put together HERE

  13. Project Life Participators: Please visit the forum here to  read some information and then follow the link to the updated tracking sheet. Also you will see the photo themes for August. 

    1. Becster


      Thank you! I'm catching up since the addition of our pup, I'm worn out! LOL

  14. World Tour... instructions for the 7th can be found HERE  and now no more instructions until the 9th.

  15. Project Life... Second Quarterly winner... pop over into the thread HERE to see who our winner is. 

  16. World Tour... 6th July... Instructions for your second layout can be found HERE

  17. World Tour... 5th July instructions have been shared HERE

  18. World Tour... for those joining us this month for our World Tour I have just shared the first instructions to begin creating a layout. You can find the instructions in the World Tour thread HERE

  19. Project Life participators...please check the updated chart so I have it correct so far. I will do the drawing of the quarterly prize on Wednesday to include any who add their layouts between now and then. 

  20. Come and join me NOW! for our Saturday morning Technique Chat - Gradient Overlays....  everyone who attends the chat receives something to play with for the challenge. 

    1. alsoarty


      I’m teying to join the conversation. I’ll tey my laptop. It’s not letting me in on my iPad.

  21. Project Life particpators... because of all the fun happenings this weekend with the Sale-a-bration I will give you until Wednesday 4th July to have your layouts in the gallery ready for our 2nd quarterly draw but I will try and share an updated chart this weekend so everyone can make sure I am up to date. 

    1. MariJ


      Thanks, Anne Marie!  :) 

    2. Becster
    3. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Thanks, Anne-Marie! I need the extra time for sure. :) 

  22. Come and play Hide and Seek with Carla and I. The game will last until midnight Friday.

    You can find the game HERE

  23. As I will not be on the computer much the next two days as my sister and her husband are coming to stay so they can join in on a family celebration on Sunday, I have shared the weekend challenge early and you can find it HERE

    1. MariJ


      Have fun Anne Marie.  

  24. Project Life participators... just a little reminder that the end of June is not far away which will bring us to our second quarterly prize draw. So you need to have your layouts in the gallery by 30th June for your chances to be a winner. 

    1. Figment


      The layouts are looking great! I love the prompts you've been giving to help them along.

  25. At long last I have new internet service up and running and so far it is looking good. Before the change my download speed was 9.2 and now it is 19.44.

    Just hope it does not drop out when I need it as I know it can do that as it is all by radio signals. 

    1. MariJ


      That sounds awesome Anne Marie and much be a huge difference and big help for you.   Fingers crossed it lasts.   

    2. Boatlady


      Fast internet spoils us. At home it is super fast but here at the marina...super slow.