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  1. Lately I have been taking all sorts of photos.... greeting cards I have been making, jigsaws I have been doing ( onto my 4th one since 30th March), cooking, in yard where Ken is constructing a dry creek bed and waterfall feature.

    But once I read this challenge I went outside to take a photo of the raindrops on one of the roses because we had rain last night but I spotted a little visitor on the Blue Moon Rose. I am pleased how the photo turned out with my little camera. It is a very tiny spider and so interesting to see how they have  the same intricate markings like larger spiders do.   Then when we had morning tea down in Ken's Folly ( small pavilion)  I spotted this insect and  I am not sure if it is a butterfly or not? so..... Nature Photography

  2. Thankyou Valerie for the fun challenge. I found the quote on a card on the web and it has the original drawn version of Winnie the Pooh. I used to own rubber stamps of Winnie the Pooh drawn like this.  Interesting that boys seem to the ones we are scrapping about for this quote.... Andreas

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