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  1. Wow!  how exciting to be a winner with our Slow Scrap last month.  This has come at a good time as I can see there are some new things coming to the store that I might just need to purchase and now I might be able to, with my $10 helping.  Our  weak Aussie dollar sure is making it difficult to buy much these days.

    Congratulations to all the other winners that April has announced. :congrats3:

  2. 6 hours ago, Celestine said:

    Debby - it isn't clear to me what we should be doing if we have one photo. Are you telling us to exchange the single photo or to add another one so that we have two? I understand that we can also completely delete the photo, but since this is for my great-nephew's baby book, completely deleting the photo isn't really an option.

    And whoever put this step in there (Debby or Valerie?) SHOULD be hiding behind the couch! I think I have yet another LO where I will have to do a version for the challenge and another one for the photobook. 😝

    Celestine, with these slow scraps it is best to have the attitude that it is all just some fun and be prepared that after it is all over you alter the page to look as you want it to before you get it printed or kept for memory. This has happened to me in the past.