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  1. @MariJ   Marilyn, I can remember our pretty purple place and strangely I still associate Purple with this site. I keep a notebook where I write down the challenge pages I create so as I create them I record what products I use and when I go to do a challenge here at Scrap Girls... I use a  PURPLE pen to do the recording. I use a different colour for each  different digi site I take part in with their challenges.

    I had already completed my Purple page  for the Bingo Game but I still thought I would create a purple themed page as I had a photo I was wanting to create a page with.... Agnes

  2. 1.  My favourite colour.... RED  and it has been ever since I was a little girl

    2.  I enjoy traveling and my first taste was when I was 17. I did a camping bus trip for 3 weeks which took me into 6 states of Australia. This was all done on my own when I stepped on the bus I knew no one else.

    3.  I would love to be able to paint - took water colour lessons once but did not like the flatness of that medium.

    4.  Back in 1992 when buying rubber stamps for wedding stationery I got hooked on the craft of rubber stamping and still do a little plus I enjoy doing hybrid cards - no messy colouring in when I use digital embellishments.

    5. When I married my Ken, he had a dog but once Tina died we did not replace her. She was a great little dog - still think of her at times. I would dearly love another dog.

    6. I am also a bird lover and enjoy photographing the birds that visit our backyard.

    7. I enjoy watching movies... romance and mystery... especially some of the older movies like ones starring Audrey Heburn, Cary Grant etc.

    8. Each week I attend an exercise class which I enjoy but I am not very good at carrying through and doing exercises at home. I need to lose some weight.

    9. This one should not be so far down the list ..... I am a Christian  - invited Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Saviour  in 1981.

    10. I do about 30 hours volunteer work each fortnight with my favourite work being in Aged Care.  I have recently completed 7 different studies in Dementia. Most were very short studies.