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  1. This would have been a very interesting art exhibit to see. Marilyn, you page is great. I like the small photos along the bottom.

    Just the other weekend I took a book I had in my bookcase that really belonged to Ruth so the children could now own it and enjoy it..... Animalia. I just love the artwork in that book and the fun at seeing all the different things for each letter of the alphabet.

  2. 6 minutes ago, MariJ said:

    How wonderful that Imogen is learning to play the keyboard!   Your photo is super and she looks quite intent on her playing.  I like how you tilted the pic and the colors and pieces you used around it and behind it.   This is so well balanced and your embellishments are so pretty without overwhelming the photo.  The pretty ribbon really adds movement to your page, I can almost imagine the music!  

    I normally like my photos straight but this was how the photo spot was in the template I used so I decided to leave it that way.

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