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  1. That is a great photo. Did you take it? The deep blue sky behind the light building looks so good. Nice masking of the photo and nice placement of minimal embellishments.
  2. @Boatlady Debby, Thankyou for this challenge as it inspired me to create another page for our little holiday we had in July.... Stannum House
  3. This page will match in with another page I created in August about this little holiday. I used the same background paper and notebook embellishment. Credits: Paper, hessian, book - GWH_Swap Meet flower and foliage - GWH_Fall Farmhouse brad - GWH_FureverFriends Font - Handprinting
  4. It does look like it started as a barn. It would be an interesting house to see into. What a lovely border cluster you created all the bottom of you photo with the cute addition of the squirrel.
  5. A-M

    Week 3

    Great paper choices in creating this slow scrap page which turned out a great page - nice use of the oval shaped photo and matting. Presently I am in awe of Firefighters because of all the fires happening in my state and other stares of Australia. They are brave people.
  6. @Boatlady Debbie, thankyou for a fun Slow Scrap. To finish off my page all I did was add the title as I already had the date added: 5th Birthday Party
  7. Credits: patterned papers and embellishments - DRB_Birthday Party blue paper ( recoloured) - SRO_Peach Papers white paper - SNU_SSPaper_Crazy 4 Cardstock Fonts - Nikolas and Pine for Party journaling - Hoffman Hand
  8. This does look interesting to be something to eat and you have shared the photo well on your Christmasy page. The blended photo looks good and nice title with the tree.
  9. A-M


    Your finale to the slow scrap looks good and so does your new courtyard. I like the touches of red on your page.
  10. What a great finale to this slow scrap! Your page looks so good. Those lifted postage of Syndee's worked so well for your page.
  11. A-M


    Thankyou for sharing what your journaling says. This turned out a lovely page. Your large word Love adds a very nice touch to your page.
  12. A-M

    With This Ring

    The lovely older black and white photo looks so nice on this stunning page. I like how you placed that pretty lace.
  13. Celestine, with these slow scraps it is best to have the attitude that it is all just some fun and be prepared that after it is all over you alter the page to look as you want it to before you get it printed or kept for memory. This has happened to me in the past.
  14. I removed one of the blowing the candles out photos and enlarged the two left...just hoping the last step will work with how my page looks.
  15. Thankyou Bea for this challenge as it gave me incentive to record what is happening in my area of the country right now! Bush Fires
  16. Recipe: 2 photos 2 patterned papers - orange one - SNU_Altered Life Black - EMA_Into the Words 1 solid paper - EMA_Into the Words 1 journal card - SNU_Altered Life 3 flowers - SNU_Altered Life 2 leaves - grey ones - DBH_Meories Fade paper one - SNU_Altered Life fastener - staple - EMA_Into the Woods 1 paint - white paint - SNU_Altered Life font - HoffmanHand
  17. Looks like I will get to finish this slow scrap and be able to take part in next week with us having cancelled our little holiday. Here is my page with 10 lines of journaling:
  18. Ken and I were to head off on a little holiday tomorrow but plans have changed -  The highway we would need to travel on tomorrow is closed where we would need to travel on it because of the Bush fires. We decided to cancel as even if the road opened tomorrow it might be a risk for us returning home next Wednesday, plus there are other fires burning near places we would need to travel through to get to our destination.

    1. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Much better to be safe but hope you can take your holiday later when the fires have gone. Its so bad over there from what we see on our TV. Hope the ones near you are now under control.

    2. Marie-Christine


      i sure hope you get to retake your trip real soon, stay safe!

    3. alsoarty


      It’s so scary. Glad you made the right decision.

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  19. This looks a great idea for entertaining. Very nice Recipe card with the blended in large photo.
  20. Here is my page with 3 added embellishments... and as others have altered their papers I have also.
  21. I am having a bit of trouble following this Slow scrap as I notice others altering their papers! !! I cannot see any instructions for us to do that????
  22. You are doing well to get such a good start on the challenge layouts. Those photos of the fireworks look great. Your title looks like it glows - very well created.
  23. A-M

    6 Letter Words

    Sorrow next word starts with W
  24. That is a lovely memory photo you captured of your daughters. This is a lovely page, so soft and appealing.
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