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  1. Happy New Year to you all. It is already 1st January here Down Under. We had an unexpected visit from friends to come and stay the night so we were up at midnight with them playing board games which was fun. 

  2. Our Christmas plans have changed. My daughter just phoned... they are all very sick with a tummy bug so we will call in and exchange gifts tomorrow morning on our way to be with my older sister for Christmas day etc. 

    1. MariJ


      Oh, so sorry to hear that Anne Marie and sure hope everyone is feeling better soon.   Merry Christmas!  🎄

    2. CRS


      Oh NO!! Being sick for Christmas is not very merry. I hope they are all feeling better and you all can have a merry holiday!

  3. Project Life participators: 

    I have updated the charts so please check to see if I have missed anyone. HERE

    You have until the 10th of January to share your pages. I will at that time draw the winner for the Quarterly Prize. Remember you need to have completed at least one page each month to be eligible for the one winner of $25 and each person to receive $10 to spend in the store. If you have missed a month you will miss out on this. 

    1. MariJ


      Thanks, Anne Marie.  I’ve got a December page almost ready to post!  :) 

  4. Project Life participators: 

    Over  the next few days I hope to share an updated chart.  

  5. Project Life Participators... I have updated the charts HERE

    Please let me know of any errors. The quarterly chart ( purple) you only need to be concerned with October and November as we have finished the previous quarter. You do need to make sure you are getting your pages done for the yearly month by month chart so check to see if I have missed any there.

  6. Project Life participators... for those who like to use the photo prompts, I am sorry to be late in sharing this months. You can find both November and December HERE

  7. Project Life participators... I will do an update on the chart sometime this month.Remember to do at least one layout a month to enable you to go in the draw for the $25 Gift certificate and if not a winner you will still receive a $10 gift certificate if you have completed at least one layout a month. 

    1. Mikelle


      I'm trying to get caught up on Project Life!  Slowly...

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Thanks for the update...  and a thank you to Angie for her generosity! This is the first year I've gotten this far with my PL pages. Now I have even more incentive to continue with November and December!

    3. Becster


      Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Thankyou  all my fellow hosts for the Anniversary Challenges and Games.

    Also thankyou  everyone who took part in a week of games and challenges and chats. 

    1. Boatlady


      Thank you to all the organizers and participants in the 14th  Anniversary Party, now what do we do???

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      It was a lot of fun. Thanks to all who made it work!

    3. beatricemi


      It was great. Thanks everyone!

  9. Have we got a Friday challenge for our Anniversary Challenges?  If we have, I cannot find it ! 

    1. CRS


      I'll post it now...

  10. The winner of the $3 gift certificate for the Mixed Media Challenge has been announced  HERE

  11. Do not forget that on Monday  Scrap Girls Birthday celebrations begin... lots of games to play and great challenges to inspire you to create ! This goes for 6 days ! 

    1. CRS


      I can't wait!!

    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Have fun I have a busy day/night tomorrow so will miss this :( 

    3. CRS


      It's all week Jane, no worries!

  12. Project Life Participators... you can find the winner for the quarterly draw HERE

  13. Project Life participators... Please have a good look at the updated tracking charts. I will be doing the draw for the quarterly prize in the middle of the coming week. You can find the charts HERE

    I am also sharing the October photo themes for those who like to use them. 


    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Mine looks good. Thanks, Anne-Marie.

  14. Project Life participators... just a little reminder that the end of September is coming up soon and that means our third draw of the year for one person to win a template set. 


    1. MariJ


      Thanks Anne Marie - I keep getting distracted every time I start my September page! 

  15. Mix It Up September - forum game.... for those playing along this month, the last instructions for this week can be found HERE

    1. CRS


      Thanks for a fun week Anne-Marie! I have some catching up to do today.

  16. Mix It Up September - forum game.... for those playing along this month, I am sorry I am late sharing today instructions... they are there now 

  17. Project Life participators...I have updated the charts to the end of August so please check that I have not missed anything.

    You can find the charts in the opening thread of the challenge HERE

  18. Time is running out to take part in Amanda's Faithspiration Challenge which you can find HERE

  19. Project Life participators: you can find the photo prompts for September HERE

    I will do an update of the chart next week. 

  20. Hope you will all join in on this week's Newsletter Challenge which you can find in the forum HERE

  21. Has everyone read through our fun nonsense game as there are some fun results.

    You can find it HERE

    1. englishrose
    2. lorac


      Read through all of them and they were quite funny.

  22. I am here using my laptop as my computer/craft room is being painted. the last room in the house to be painted. I do not have the laptop set up for doing  scrapbooking so I am spending the day sorting and throwing out bits and pieces of my papercrafts things. 

    1. Ande43


      I need to do that....these VERY hot (105) days in ND are Hibernation days so was scanning photos yesterday....


    2. Boatlady


      I use my laptop for scrapping the whole summer while we live on the boat...it's not as nice a the big screen I have at home but it works. It will be so nice to have a freshly painted room it will be worth the inconvenience.

    3. AmandaFace


      I love getting rid of stuff!

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  23. Attention all new members using the galleryHERE is a link to a tutorial which will help you upload to the gallery and you place your credits in the description box. 

  24. Fun with Styles by rescaling .... you can find a tutorial I put together HERE

  25. Project Life Participators: Please visit the forum here to  read some information and then follow the link to the updated tracking sheet. Also you will see the photo themes for August. 

    1. Becster


      Thank you! I'm catching up since the addition of our pup, I'm worn out! LOL

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