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  1. 1 hour ago, scrappinchar said:

    Is this the thread we're supposed to post our links in? I posted my links earlier in the other thread. Oops.

    I made a companion layout since the previous one seemed lonely. lol Project Life 2020 January part 2 And they needed a front page for the album. lol So I posted this in the monthly challenge gallery: Project Life 2020 Front Page

    Yes, Charlene, links go in this thread and the other thread is just for chatting.

  2. 9 hours ago, MariJ said:

    Angie, isn’t it true that if we are doing monthly pages PL, we have a few days to finish when the month ends?  I’m not sure I’m correct but I recall that was the way they were counted since it’s hard to finish the month while it’s still the month!   If that made sense......   :D 

    Thankyou Marilyn for asking.  There may be times I would not get the page done by the 3rd of the next month so I am okay with not being part of the prize draw as I accepted that last year.

  3. I have had a change in my plans for Project Life this year and will be doing like last year and do monthly pages. So again they may not be eligible for the prizes as I possibly will not get February page done until March ... etc. I am okay with that and will still share my pages in the gallery if I use Scrap Girls products.

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