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  1. It's me!  Long time no visit.

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    2. SodScrap


      It's about time!!!!

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      Hi Tiza! Great to see you on the forum.

    4. lorac


      Glad to see you back again. I've missed you.

  2. tiza126

    AFT Designs - September Challenge & Prize

    Here's mine: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/177363-birthday-wine/ A memorable moment from this summer. The whole family was in California for a wedding, and my cousin Michelle turned 21 during the trip. We celebrated by doing some wine tasting in Napa
  3. tiza126

    Birthday Wine

    For Amanda's September Challenge. This summer, my mom's side of the family took a vacation to California. My cousin Michelle turned 21 while we were out there, so we celebrated with a trip to Napa Valley. All supplies by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Blended Over All Fall Papers All Fall Embellishment Biggie Delightful - Hers Collection Super Mini
  4. tiza126

    AFT September Challenge

    Look at all the hummingbirds!
  5. tiza126

    After The Rain

    Making the most of a rainy weekend by playing around with my camera's macro setting. Supplies used: CTH DLOT Templates: Photo Book 6 AFT Rain Dance BMU Seize the Day BED Amazing Life Wood-Grains Papers SNU SSStyles Shadow Me 6301
  6. Yes, I have post-its stuck to my desk at the office and at home. For little quick reminders and to-dos. My coworker (and accounting assistant) has a whole line of colorful post-its across the bottom of both monitors. It makes me happy. It's very decorative and functional!! I use Google Calendar to keep track of my personal/taiko/work schedules. They all sync to my phone so I have everything in one nice place. And since my phone is ALWAYS with me, I know where I need to be. After listening to the bujo conversations at the meetup, I did buy a cheap notebook from Target and some pens, and will give the planner thing a try.
  7. Just buy the sticky notes in bulk at Costco, and they are very budget friendly!
  8. tiza126

    Spring 2018 Meet-up

    Hooray for planning ahead. Thanks for getting this started Michele. I agree... after tax time will be better for me too I am definitely not available the weekend of the 12th-15th.
  9. Well... I mainly use Post-It Notes. (Sorry, you know I couldn't resist.)
  10. tiza126

    My Layouts

    All of my other layouts that don't quite fit in another gallery category/challenge/crop.
  11. tiza126

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    Should've been here!! (But if you had, the weather back home would have been perfect. Murphy's law.)
  12. tiza126

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    ARE WE THERE YET??????????????? I need a mini-vacation.
  13. tiza126

    Opening Day 2016

    Supplies: CTH_SSAlbumMini_OHW ABR_BatterUp BMU_Captured BMU_SSEMB_DramaticLiftedPhotos
  14. Just completed and posted my first layout since November 2015!!!

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    2. MariJ


      Still the template-Queen, it's a beautiful page!

    3. CRS


      Good for you, Tiza!!

    4. Becster


      Wow! Good for you! Good to see you posting!

  15. tiza126

    Sled Puppies

    Went on an Alaskan cruise earlier this year. Part of my shore excursion in Skagway was a visit to a musher's camp. Supplies: CTH_SSAlbumMini_OHW2; SSEmb_FallOutFrames2; BMU_Captured; BMU_19Hearts; EBA_LifeKeeping2; GWH_SnowedIn; SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe