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  1. #18 - use a shape Supplies: CWX_SmallSweet_Templates; BMU_XOX; AFT_Delightful-Hers; AFT_Delightful-His
  2. I've made more layouts today alone than in the whole past year!

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    2. A-M


      Well done.... hope you keep it up  and enjoy some more challenges.

    3. beatricemi


      Good for you!!

    4. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Its good to see you back :) 

  3. #23 - 4 photos different sizes Supplies: ABR_SSEmb_Freestyle3; ABR_BohoFall-WA; ABR_BohoFall-Song; AFT_Delightful-His; AFT_Delightful-Hers
  4. I used the template freebie from the chat! Photos from Cottonwood Canyon Park in Summerlin, NV. Supplies: BMU_Paper_Tupelo; BMU_Emb_Tupelo; JZI_Mojave; BMU_Calico; SNU_SS-Styles_ShadowMe
  5. tiza126

    AW Template Chat

    A boy and his tractor. Love your clustering!
  6. This was fun! Here's mine: Don't Stop Playing
  7. This was a fun technique to experiment with! Used a photo of a waterslide.
  8. tiza126


    Cool dude! Love the color treatment.
  9. Sorry I missed the chat. Do you have instructions for those of us who couldn't make it? EDIT: never mind, I found the PDF. Hiding in plain sight Layout coming soon.
  10. #3 - Big & little photo Nathan and Sean enjoying gigantic root beer floats at Fitz's in St. Louis Supplies: CTH_SSAlbumMini_OneHitWonder; AHA_SweetSummerTreats; BED_CoolSummerTreats
  11. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see what this is.
  12. Happy Anniversary Scrap Girls! Because of scrapbooking, I've made so many friends and fun memories Why I Scrapbook
  13. Because of scrapbooking (especially Scrap Girls), I've made many friends and memories! Supplies: bed_Reminisce_Collection; bed_Reminisce_CollMini; ABR_BohoFall_WAChallenge