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Status Updates posted by tiza126

  1. I've made more layouts today alone than in the whole past year!

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    2. A-M


      Well done.... hope you keep it up  and enjoy some more challenges.

    3. beatricemi
    4. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Its good to see you back :) 

  2. It's me!  Long time no visit.

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    2. SodScrap


      It's about time!!!!

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      Hi Tiza! Great to see you on the forum.

    4. lorac


      Glad to see you back again. I've missed you.

  3. Just completed and posted my first layout since November 2015!!!

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    2. MariJ


      Still the template-Queen, it's a beautiful page!

    3. CRS


      Good for you, Tiza!!

    4. Becster


      Wow! Good for you! Good to see you posting!

  4. Boo!

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    2. CRS


      Good to see you!

    3. Ngaire


      Boo back to you! lovely to see you Tiza

    4. LauraYB


      LOL-you found us again! Welcome home!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. So many great layouts in the DSD Gallery! Great job everyone

  7. Join me for the "Only in Digital" chat. Starting soon... 2pm ET

    1. SodScrap


      ooops....I had 2 in my head...not 1 CT :(

    2. April Showers

      April Showers

      Great chat Theresa!

  8. Sorry I'm not around much. Work is beyond hectic. I miss you all!!

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    2. mbc72


      We miss you, Tiza!

    3. lorac


      I miss you too, Tiza. Hope to see you around the forum.

    4. cyndals


      Miss you too! :)

  9. Happy Valentines Day!

    1. PolkaDot


      Happy Valentines Day to you, too!


    2. teecee


      Happy Valentines Day to you too, Theresa!

    3. AggieB


      You, too, Theresa!

  10. Happy Birthday Carla!!

    1. CRS


      Thank you Theresa!

  11. Starting the year with a DARLING club from Melissa!!

  12. Bingo words are posted for Round 4! We'll speed-call words until we get a winner before the year ends!

  13. Trying to recover from a week of Christmas & family celebrations!

    1. alsoarty


      Well why don't you wait until after New Year?

    2. Emily Abramson

      Emily Abramson

      hard to get back into the swing of things for sure!!


  14. Merry Christmas to my SG Family :)

  15. Is everyone recovering from the Anniversary celebration??

    1. LauraYB


      I'm having withdrawals! :)


    2. Boatlady


      I agree with Laura...withdrawls. but it is ok...so much going on right now it's sorta good.

  16. Don't forget to "fall back" your clocks and enjoy that extra hour of sleep in the morning! :-)

    1. lorac


      How about Fall Forward. Yeppers! I put my clock forward, so instead of it being 4:30am it was 6:30am. Cats got me up and they are just as confused as me.

    2. Boatlady


      Got up same time...I call it an extra hour to scrap since I had to leave yesterday for hours to help our son.

  17. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. Eat some candy for me!

  18. I need another weekend to recover from the meetup weekend ;)

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    2. KFiasco


      Glad I took a vacation day today.


    3. LauraYB
    4. teachinglaffs


      This weekend made me get into some serious scrapping. It was just the motivation I needed.

  19. Meetups help my scrapping groove! I need them more often.

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    2. MariJ


      Yes, I just saw your Tracy page! Of course part of it is that your everyday life goes away for a few days so you have time and incentive! :)

    3. Boatlady


      It sure looks like everyone had fun. Looking forward to seeing more pages.

    4. CRS


      Yay! I second the notion to have them more often!

  20. We have a winner in the 1+2+3+4=10 Challenge. Check the thread to see if it's you...

  21. Ready to chat!!!

    1. AnnBK


      Be right there...one little task to take care of before I can sign in.

  22. Some beautiful layouts in the gallery today!

  23. BOO!

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    2. cyndals


      Hi Marilyn!!! We all wish you were here!

    3. alsoarty


      I wish I were there too.

    4. MariJ


      Hi Cindy and Tiza - Me too! Hi to all! :)

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