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    1. jenrou


      Teecee, glad you are feeling some better and finished with Chemo. Continue to get better!

  1. Great project, and so sweet! Love them. Thanks for sharing!
  2. teecee

    Quack! Quack! Quack!

    This is such a sweet story Carol! Thanks for sharing!
  3. teecee

    February 2017 - Use Your stash Month

    I probably won't get much of a chance to play along this month - but I'm loving the pretty siggies in the gallery, so I went ahead and added one of mine from last year.
  4. teecee

    gallery 14490 66 38513

    Use Your Stash siggy
    1. jenrou


      I left a message in the thread, teecee. Thinking of you, and hoping you will be back with us soon.

    2. lorac


      I also left a message in the thread. Take care and hope you test comes back normal.

    3. Ande43


      Prayers for you Teecee!!
























































  5. teecee

    Messages to Jody's Family

    Jody was always friendly, fun, and willing to help others when they needed it. She was a talented artist and created beautiful scrapbook pages as well as great scrapping tutorials. She is going to be greatly missed. Sending prayers and warm hugs to her family.
  6. teecee

    PSE 14 - circular text upside down on bottom

    Here's another tutorial you may find helpful: Fun with Warped Text
  7. teecee

    Grandma's Cat Is...

    Grandma's Cat is lost, so we went to the animal shelter and found a new cat for Grandma. To play along, read the most recent post, then post a new word or phrase beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. I'll post a word about Grandma's cat beginning with the letter "A", the next player should post a word or phrase about Grandma's cat beginning with the letter "B", then the next player will post something beginning with "C", and so on throughout the alphabet. When we reach the end of the alphabet we will start over again with the letter "A". Grandma's Cat is: Always begging for treats from Grandma