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  1. Oh Gosh...Hoarder that I am, LOL Ive been picking them up for years....we have a HUGE Stamping Scrapping Garage sale where I go to make cards every June and there are always some there. Have you tried looking online??? Ive seen them on Amazon and ebay
  2. Here is week #7 It looks like I only have 3 smilies plus a freebie on the chart,,,,I have posted 7 LOs with todays ...did I mess up somewhere along the line?? I am going from Sunday to Saturday each week....
  3. BMU_Cottage Rose 1-We went out for supper for Braden and Carsons birthdays and I can not believe I forgot to take a single photo ...How can that be. 2- Jim goes out for breakfast with his buds and brought me one of their amazing Carmel Rolls...I told him that is the best Valentines gift he could have given me LOL 3- Love the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and this was really a good one,,,lots of great ideas for downsizing and living more simply 4- we went to the China Star for supper....LOVE Chinese 5- My two nieces and family here for their mom's funeral... 6- one of the Bouquets from the funeral...Beautiful!!! 7-Bo Relaxing
  4. I called SS this morning and they said that would work just fine.....altho I want to eventually only have 8x8 saved I wont have to resize them all right now....Thanks for our replies!!
  5. Can you order a LO print in 8x8 by sending a 12x12 file?? or do you have to resize it to 8x8....I use Scrapping Simply
  6. Beautiful....Brings back memories, my daughter was in gymnastics from age 3- 15
  7. Here is week 6....Feb 4-10
  8. BMU_Cottage Rose BMU_Chalkboard Christmas Misc tags from an old folder 1-The new case I got for my Kindle it and it was free 2-I am really a Gadget Junkie....can hardly resist all the new gizmos ...this is to open jars with and I have to say it is amazing 3- this has been a hard week...I lost my sister on Friday...she had been fighting Alzheimers for 3 years and it really progressed quickly the last month. Miss her so but am so very thankful she is free at last. 4- I read a couple books sometime ago...When God Winks and When God Winks at You...Loved them would highly recommend them...about the premise that there is no such thing as a coincidence all is in Gods Plan. so this bracelet is perfect....I find myself saying this all the time....Look up and say "I know that was you" 5- Baked Custard,,,,Yummmm!!! one of our favorite things 6- I put a magnet on an easel Lucite Frame to put the Dies on I am using for a project belor they have a chance to run away and Hide LOL 7- Cali sleeping sitting up....Goofy furry kid!!!!
  9. I love the Black and white photos.....VERY interesting!!! Would love to hug your furry kids!!!
  10. So sorry for your have made a very special LO
  11. Love your LO....And I am so very sorry for the loss of your furry is so hard to lose them! ((((Hugs))))
  12. Week 5 here
  13. PO_SSDLOAlbum SNU_Merry Mint DEB_Merrydale 1-I made a Dry Erase Board with a picture Frame and Scrapbooking paper 2-Cali is watching TV here 3-Fleischkuekla 4-I did some playing in my craft room this a lot of things organized...Love these Gel Pens 5- Bo Loves looks like we are either moving out or in in our house 6-Bradens Basketball game 7-Fresh snow...all is clean again for awhile
  14. Thanks AnnMarie....That's what I thought....if I should use an embellishment or something like that it would probably be from my folders from years ago and most of those things do not have any identifying info on them....just wanted to be sure. Thanks a Bunch !!
  15. Question AnnMarie.....I'm sure it is just understood that the collections and kits used need to be Scrap Girls but is it disqualifying for a LO to have anything on it that is not from Scrap Girls?? did not see anything about that in the requirements. For example if there was a flower or embellishment that was just perfect for LO but from another site...??? I did not underline this on purpose LOL