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  1. Finally done with 2016
  2. well, only one to go for 2016
  3. Used LLO_Autumn Symphany
  4. OK,,,,still don't have a handle on this.....I deleted the current signature in edit box....(but it did not disappear from the area above) I added the new one and clicked on make changes and I got this message----- Oops! Something went wrong! [#10211] Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image. ok Is there anyone who can tell me what I am doing wrong or how to fix this....this has happened befor and someone on here put my signature in for me, Help??
  5. Problems again with Deleteing old and adding new Siggie.....Get all done and it looks good to go and get this message Oops! Something went wrong! [#10211] Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image. this has happened befor and then someone on here did it for me and it worked so not sure what is wrong.
  6. Used BMU-Cottage Rose
  7. A Quick Page from years ago...have no idea who the Designer was
  8. Another for new Smart Phone (LOVE it) Cocoa, the only GrandDAUGHTER we will ever have LOL..... Brannt taking two of the guys for Icecream in Grandpa's Willy's Jeep.....Brannt Ryan Jim and I ...the boys drove from Pasco Washington to ND all by themselves for 3 weeks with Friends and Family....How did Brannt get to be old enough to do that??
  9. Well, still working on 2016 but I am determined LOL Used Misc items from supplies of many years ago......
  10. Love this!!! I to collect Bookmarks and also LOVE to make them
  11. Just went on my Pin4Ever and ran the backup and everything is all updated....This really is great but as I said you have to have Firefox at least did when I registered....Here is a link to my Boards if you want to take a peek
  12. I have had Pin4Ever for awhile but you hae to have Firefox for your server..... I tried something yesterday..... I have Windows 10 so to make a shortcut to your Desk top you need to open your page and Copy the Url at the top....go to your Desktop and right click on it and chose New.....Shortcut and then you paste the Url you next and name your shortcut and click save or done...not sure which it is and it is on your desktop with all the pins ..... I just discovered everytime you pin a new item it also goes on your shortcut Tried the PDF idea but could not fine the "Print to PDF" any ideas....I did the Control-P
  13. Is there anyone on here that is a follower of Pinterest??? I have a question. I have to say I love the ideas from there and have over 58,000 pins....I know that sounds insane but I really don't spend alot of time on there....have any of you happened to save one of your boards to you computer???