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  1. I did a search for Army/Navy digital collections and found a few online by unknown designer. Not as good as the ones we had before here at SG. 

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    2. CRS


      Don't hold me to it, but I think Debbie said she put a bug in someone's ear to design some military supplies for us!

    3. SodScrap


      I think you are right Carla.

    4. Ande43


      that would be good!!

  2. He is our oldest grandson.....Just joined the Army last summer....he's doing really well, is stationed at Fort Hood.
  3. Wonderful LO and I am so Happy for you....and for him. My Grandson just Joined the Army and is stationed at Ft Hood....So Proud of these guys....Prayers for all our Guys and Gals in the Service!!!
  4. I'm still looking for Army collections.....anyone know if there is anything here yet???
  5. Finally done with 2016
  6. well, only one to go for 2016
  7. Used LLO_Autumn Symphany
  8. OK,,,,still don't have a handle on this.....I deleted the current signature in edit box....(but it did not disappear from the area above) I added the new one and clicked on make changes and I got this message----- Oops! Something went wrong! [#10211] Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image. ok Is there anyone who can tell me what I am doing wrong or how to fix this....this has happened befor and someone on here put my signature in for me, Help??
  9. Problems again with Deleteing old and adding new Siggie.....Get all done and it looks good to go and get this message Oops! Something went wrong! [#10211] Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image. this has happened befor and then someone on here did it for me and it worked so not sure what is wrong.
  10. Used BMU-Cottage Rose
  11. A Quick Page from years ago...have no idea who the Designer was
  12. Another for new Smart Phone (LOVE it) Cocoa, the only GrandDAUGHTER we will ever have LOL..... Brannt taking two of the guys for Icecream in Grandpa's Willy's Jeep.....Brannt Ryan Jim and I ...the boys drove from Pasco Washington to ND all by themselves for 3 weeks with Friends and Family....How did Brannt get to be old enough to do that??