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  1. That did it Belle....Thank you so very much...You Scrap Girls Ladies are THE best!!!! Crazy computer programs LOL Just throw a fit all of a sudden for no reason LOL
  2. All of a sudden things are different on my workspace....I have a LO in progress on it and when I open an embellishment or anything it is the only thing on the workspace...I have to drag the LO back up from the photo bin and then drag the flower up and it snaps on top....I drag the item over from the file it is found in....Befor it would have the border around it and I would drag and drop again from that area onto the workspace....I seem to remember there being a place to go to reset something.....I know I'm not explaining it very well....BEfor when I opened a template or LO to work on it would have the grayed border and I would set it as View as it just opens as that....Ive noticed to I cant enlarge or zoom in with the mouse wheel like befor...Any Ideas>> I have PSE13
  3. Beautiful
  4. Week 15
  5. I used SNU_Stories We Tell I let Peeps get hard and crunchy befor I eat....They are Ready LOL Cars I made for Card Club exchange Snowed on my Birthday...a perfect day to snuggle in and play Strawberries Yummm A watercolor Wreath topper.... Cali playing diva...stole my chair again Lukes Basketball game
  6. Very interesting.....these challenges make you stop and think and see real!!
  7. Week # 14.....April 1-7
  8. EBA_Happy Place SG_Day By Day Tags from an old folder of freebies from years ago Fleischkuekle for Supper....Jelly Belly, Watermelon and cotton candy Yumm!!...4 of my 12 Precious Moments Paw Prints on my Heart collection.....I also have collected Book Marks for years...have 93 in here....Bo just chillin....Icicle hanging from roof.....Easter Sunday, Brunch after church.
  9. Congrats on the win Mikelle!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks everyone.......My Hoarder personality really fights deleting anything LOL
  11. I do too....but got to wondering what I am screwing up and when would I find out LOL
  12. What is the Thumbs Icon that sometimes is in with items of a kit you it necessary to anything or can you delete
  13. Thanks !!
  14. Week 13-----on to April
  15. Dags Temp_Tations and ABR_Count the Ways Well, Ive got to say Maxine is pretty much right on the money....for me anyway A coffee mug my sister in law sent!!! a Card we made in Card Club our weekly snowstorm the book I'm reading now I watched a little squirrel on my neighbors garage...he had hidden a peanut (probably one from me LOL) Under one of the shingles and he got it out and ate it Cali enjoying the living room....was not able to use it for a week when Coco was here. Luckily they have their favorite spots all over the house. Treats I made for the Boys for Easter.... I DID REALIZE THE ERROR IN THE MONTH....March not May.....AWWWW the joys of Digital....just afew clicks of the mouse and POOF all is fixed....I would change it here if I knew how to delete this one and redo but it is fixed on mine