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    Just Experimenting to make sure I can upload this LOL after all the times I got the Queued message
  2. Ande43

    EHD-brand preference?

    I have 3 WD My Passport 2T each…..
  3. Does anyone else have a problem extracting their files for club collection....for the last  months I Unzip and get the message "Cannot open"  Retry for several of the files.....A pain to figure out which ones are ok and then download again the ones not working.....?????

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    2. SodScrap


      11 minutes ago, Florida granny said:

      One suggestion is to download them to the desktop and unzip them there. I've found in the past that some file names are too long for downloading anywhere else. It might be worth a try.

      Yes is a great suggestion, I hadn't thought about this. Hope you find a solution!

    3. Ande43


      Thanks everyone, I did the problem ones again,,,,and a couple of them twice befor I got them all....

    4. Boatlady


      I had no problem but I did like the advise from Diane if I ever need it, as always this place is such a big help. I'm glad you got it straightened out.

  4. Ande43

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    Where can I find the Photo Prompts for Sept??? I found it!!
  5. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    Where can I find the Photo Prompts for Sept
  6. Ande43

    Question And Answer Game

    do you bird watch...I do...and Squirrels and bunnies in back yard do you grow your own veggies....No no photo, single photo or multi-photo pages....Usually Milit-photo and sometimes one templates or no templates .....LOVE Templates My Questions: Do you like Winter?? Have you downsized any of your "Stuff" Do you wear shoes or bare feet in the house Do you read in bed
  7. Ande43

    New Flip Pal Question

    They say you should have your photos saved in 3 different places....I have on computer, on EHD and Carbonite backs up my computer...I delete from SD card
  8. Ande43


    Used ABR_Being With You Quiet week....snowed ALOT....We went in and had our taxes done on Monday....By Tues we had gotten about 13 inches of snow....A local photographer got a photo of an unusual Winter lightning/Thunder storm here in North Dakota....Spent time with Ophelia and Sophie till Tues when their mom and dad got home...the latest book I am reading....and organized my ton of buttons ... I use for card making and they are mine my moms and my mother in laws....fun collection!!
  9. Ande43

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    I can't believe I am 5 LO's behind....I WILL catch up!!
  10. Ande43


    I used CRO_Sprimg Whimsy We went out for lunch with our son for all of our Birthdays,,,,I forgot to take a pic of we humans...Hate it when I do that An example of our ND Wind...Really gets going out here on the Prairie My Rhubarb is peeking through Baked Custard again Our Stampin Up Card Club Bo at the Vet....not happy. He has lost a lot of weight and found he has a Thyroid problem which is the least serious problem he could have....is manageable with meds Fresh squeezed OJ....Yummmm!!
  11. Ande43


    I used BMU_Petals Another quiet week it seems....had a Dental Appointment We went to Lukes Music program.... Two of the kids I had in my Daycare then I retired in 2013 stopped by for a visit..so good to see them A HUGE Crow in out back yard....we have a lot of them in our neighborhood...I watched a documentary on them on Prairie Public video....have a whole new respect for them....they are so smart. Bo's meds....it seems he has a Thyroid problem and has lost 10lbs....is only 6lbs now...Kidneys are functioning great, no diabetes, so it is the best possible problem to have...these meds you rub in the ear.....sooooooo much better than trying to get pills down him every day....I really want to keep my fingers straightened "some" of my paper for card making Buttermilk Brownies
  12. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    WEEK 17......
  13. Oh Belle....You are the best....I can honestly say that everything I know about Digi Scrapping I have learned from Scrap Girls over the last many years....You are THE BEST!!!
  14. OK, since the last time I opened my Fonts on PSE the size of the examples has changed....to VERY small...is there any way to enlarge to what it has always been....How did this change?? I'm sure I did not do anything. I can hardly see what the font looks like to chose for Journaling....??????
  15. Ande43

    Week 17

    GREAT photos.....LOVE them...isn't it fun to see ordinary things in a whole new way.....
  16. Thanks Belle ... You are appreciated....I have another question...I was applying drop shadows to tags yesterday and I found that I was not able to just click on tag on LO and then the shadow I wanted and apply like befor....I had to activate the tag in the Layers on right side and then go back and open the Shadow style and apply and then had to go back to the layers to chose the next tag....that is different since last week too...any ideas for this???? PSE 13 Also do you have the Automatically download and install updates checked or the Notify me checked ???
  17. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    Week 16.....April
  18. Ande43

    Problems with work space

    That did it Belle....Thank you so very much...You Scrap Girls Ladies are THE best!!!! Crazy computer programs LOL Just throw a fit all of a sudden for no reason LOL
  19. All of a sudden things are different on my workspace....I have a LO in progress on it and when I open an embellishment or anything it is the only thing on the workspace...I have to drag the LO back up from the photo bin and then drag the flower up and it snaps on top....I drag the item over from the file it is found in....Befor it would have the border around it and I would drag and drop again from that area onto the workspace....I seem to remember there being a place to go to reset something.....I know I'm not explaining it very well....BEfor when I opened a template or LO to work on it would have the grayed border and I would set it as View as Default....now it just opens as that....Ive noticed to I cant enlarge or zoom in with the mouse wheel like befor...Any Ideas>> I have PSE13
  20. Ande43


    I used SNU_Stories We Tell I let Peeps get hard and crunchy befor I eat....They are Ready LOL Cars I made for Card Club exchange Snowed on my Birthday...a perfect day to snuggle in and play Strawberries Yummm A watercolor Wreath topper.... Cali playing diva...stole my chair again Lukes Basketball game
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  22. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    Week 15
  23. Ande43


    EBA_Happy Place SG_Day By Day Tags from an old folder of freebies from years ago Fleischkuekle for Supper....Jelly Belly, Watermelon and cotton candy Yumm!!...4 of my 12 Precious Moments Paw Prints on my Heart collection.....I also have collected Book Marks for years...have 93 in here....Bo just chillin....Icicle hanging from roof.....Easter Sunday, Brunch after church.
  24. Ande43


    Very interesting.....these challenges make you stop and think and see real life.....fun!!
  25. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    Week # 14.....April 1-7