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    Jan Week 2

    Love this!!! Awwww sweet furry kid LOVE it!!
  2. Ande43


    Amazing Photos
  3. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    Here you go...January - week 2
  4. Ande43

    Wacom Tablet???

    This sounds really interesting....I'd like to be able to do something somewhere other than my laptop
  5. Ande43

    Wacom Tablet???

    Looks interesting,,......Where would be a good place to check out?? Amazon?? Are there different kinds??
  6. Ande43

    Jan. 1-7...2018

    well, here is First Week.....will see if this one a week works out LOL Used ABR_SSDLT_Albdser10 Temp. BMU_Winter Kiss ABR_Boy Alpha Grey # ABR_Poc Life-Jan_Card 1 1-My Stash of Garbage bags...learned how to fold them LOL 2-Bo is watching it snow 3-Church Directory Pic 4-I made homemade Pretzel Bits Yummm they were great 5- My little haven to do this digi stuff 6-found this squirrel at Hobby Lobby...LOVE squirrels 7-Carson made this windmill in school...he gave it to me for Christmas we had one out on our farm when I was a kid.
  7. Ande43

    January Week 1

    Love your photos....what is the dish of something Yummy?? I can't read your journaling...looks like something I would like LOL Your embellishments are wonderful!!
  8. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    No problem Anne Marie....
  9. Ande43


    Love this LO....you have wonderful photos....So nice to learn something about you You have a Beautiful Horse too!!!
  10. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    Well, here is week one....and away we go LOL
  11. Ande43

    Project Life 2017 December 2

    Love your photos....Great LO's....On to 2018
  12. Ande43

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    Oh Angie I so agree with you LOL....I am retired and have a VERY quiet life....You will find most of my photos are of cats LOL and maybe food if I decide to actually cook something interesting .... We usually have Staycations so even summer is mundane...but that is what is suppose to be isn't it after all "our Lives"....I have found you do see things that never caught your attention befor tho .....
  13. I tried to open an Image (LO) in PSE and got this message......Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the Jpeg data.....??? It seems to apply to a lot of the LO in the folder....have never had this happen before...it was the Jpeg save of 8x8...was just going to make sure it was an 8x8
  14. Ande43


    I LOVE every single one of your Calendars....they are WONDERFUL
  15. Ande43

    What does this message mean

    This is really odd....I really wonder how they were corrupted...It seems all the LOs in one folder are corrupt...52 of them....I did try the method to fix and it did work....but I do have both 12x12 and TIFF folders of the 52 so I think I will just resize them again and delete the bad ones....all of the bad ones were resized 500x500 dimensions....weird..I only resize to 8x8.....from what I can see no others are involved...all others open in PSE Anyway thanks so much if you hear anyone else has had the problem and has an idea how it happed would love to know....
  16. Ande43

    What does this message mean

    Thanks so much!!!!!....Ill play around with it and see what happens....
  17. Ande43

    Revelations 22

    LOVE this!!!
  18. Ande43

    Calendar P365

    I did this afew years ago on another site....I see a Calendar Temp here at Scrap Girls...may try this again
  19. Ande43

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    Where are Anne Marie's Daily Prompts ...... I think I found them....LOL
  20. Ande43

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    I was Just thinking about a Calendar LO too AnnMarie....Here is one I did 4 years ago...I Have the Temp you linked too....Hmmmm What to do
  21. Ande43

    Another Resizing Question

    I guess I was wondering if somewhere it stated 12x12 or 8x8....I see it doesn't.....I have them in the appropriate folders, but want to make sure it is a 12x12 I delete .....I don't think I need the 12x12 if I save the TIFF ....I only print the 8x8.....I did take several to PSE and check the Image in resize and it seems Ive filed them right LOL.....I did find tho that there are 12x12 at both 2400 and 3600 and also 8x8 at both Pixels.....does that matter and how does that happen....I do use 300 resolution when opening a new file for a LO.....sometimes If I am using a Template I don't open a new file base ....could that be the difference ??
  22. Ande43

    12x12 to 8x8

    I scrap a 12x12 LO and then always resize to 8x8 and print as that.....For those of you that do this, do you save the 12x12 LOs as Jpeg or do you delete them....I am thinking I am never going to print out 12x12 and I save the Tiff file so is there any reason to save them???
  23. Ande43

    12x12 to 8x8

    Or when I find a folder with the same Collection ..... can't make myself delete one....find myself putting paper in paper bows in bow folder etc LOLLOL
  24. Ande43

    12x12 to 8x8

    That's what I thought...if for some crazy off the wall reason I wanted a 12x12 I could save one from the Tiff