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  1. Does anyone else have a problem extracting their files for club collection....for the last  months I Unzip and get the message "Cannot open"  Retry for several of the files.....A pain to figure out which ones are ok and then download again the ones not working.....?????

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    2. SodScrap


      11 minutes ago, Florida granny said:

      One suggestion is to download them to the desktop and unzip them there. I've found in the past that some file names are too long for downloading anywhere else. It might be worth a try.

      Yes is a great suggestion, I hadn't thought about this. Hope you find a solution!

    3. Ande43


      Thanks everyone, I did the problem ones again,,,,and a couple of them twice befor I got them all....

    4. Boatlady


      I had no problem but I did like the advise from Diane if I ever need it, as always this place is such a big help. I'm glad you got it straightened out.

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