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    Remember the little things for one day you will look back, and realize they were the BIG things

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I am a wife (49 years this June) a mother of a son and a daughter. We have 5 grandsons ages 7-17. We have two Angel baby Grandsons Austin, who we lost at 4mo to SIDS and Andrew, who was a twin, we lost him at birth


We have three kitty kids. Boots is 20, Bo the Guard Cat, and Cali the Diva Calico Maine Coon

We have lived in ND all our lives and I love the Seasonal Changes and much to everyones dismay Winter is
my Favorite. Hibernation Season THE BEST!!

I believe that our lives are full of little God Winks that we like to call a Coincedence..Be they big or little each and everyone of them has a purpose in our life, and I believe it is of His making.

I had a Home Daycare for 39 years...it had evolved into a Befor and After School DC and I really enjoyed it...GREAT kids and great parents. A wonderful way to support all my addictions AND I could stay in on those Snowy days everyone else hates. I retired two years ago and LOVE it!!

I have done so many crafts through the years...and jump into each one with everything I've got. I painted (Acrylic, watercolor, oils,..on anything that would stand still long enough) for many years befor I started Scrapping. Would like to do that again someday. Ceramics, Cake Decorating. I am Addicted to books both EBooks and paper....always have 3 going at the same time... Now I love rubber stamping and making cards and paper crafts. That reduces the Guilt of all the paper supplies I have left from my paper Scrapping days... I had done paper scrapping for 12 years when I started Digital. I'm hooked!!! My son gave me a computer for my 60th birthday and changed my life forever. It has opened a whole new world. He had no idea he had Created a Monster.


I had a total Knee Replacement last Fall and I am just amazed at how well it went and how fast the recovery was. I am planning on having the other one done this spring.



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