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  1. BEAUTIFUL photo!!! Love your cluster too
  2. This really grabbed my everything about it!! Especially the doily
  3. I resize the Finished LO..I save a finished TIFF....and save a JPEG when I finish in12x12....then Resize to 8x8 and save as JPEG....and then Save for Web
  4. So the Font for the January
  5. Now this made me Hungry LOL
  6. Love this!!! Awwww sweet furry kid LOVE it!!
  7. Amazing Photos
  8. Here you go...January - week 2
  9. I used AFT_Winter Fantasy DAGI's Temp-Tations I went to get a Coke and Cali made herself comfortable in my chair Just spent some time on Pinterest,,,,I have 62,979 Pins...What fun!! My Card making space....I can watch the squirrels in the back yard Speaking of which...this is one of the critters on Garage roof Organized my mats for Card Making Luke's Basketball Game
  10. This sounds really interesting....I'd like to be able to do something somewhere other than my laptop
  11. Looks interesting,,......Where would be a good place to check out?? Amazon?? Are there different kinds??
  12. Do any of you ladies have one of these?????
  13. Love your photos....what is the dish of something Yummy?? I can't read your journaling...looks like something I would like LOL Your embellishments are wonderful!!
  14. No problem Anne Marie....
  15. Love this have wonderful photos....So nice to learn something about you You have a Beautiful Horse too!!!