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  1. do you bird watch...I do...and Squirrels and bunnies in back yard

    do you grow your own veggies....No

    no photo, single photo or multi-photo pages....Usually Milit-photo and sometimes one

    templates or no templates .....LOVE Templates



    My Questions:

    Do you like Winter??

    Have you downsized any of your "Stuff"

    Do you wear shoes or bare feet in the house

    Do you read in bed

  2. 7 hours ago, Belle said:

    Go to Edit>Preferences>Type and you will have a selection of the size you want. You can find most of your settings here in Preferences. Just play around a bit. HTH

    Thanks Belle ... You are appreciated....I have another question...I was applying drop shadows to tags yesterday and I found that I was not able to just click on tag on LO and then the shadow I wanted and apply like befor....I had to activate the tag in the Layers on right side and then go back and open the Shadow style and apply and then had to go back to the layers to chose the next tag....that is different since last week too...any ideas for this????  PSE 13

    Also do you have the Automatically download and install updates checked or the Notify me checked ???

  3. All of a sudden things are different on my workspace....I have a LO in progress on it and when I open an embellishment or anything it is the only thing on the workspace...I have to drag the LO back up from the photo bin and then drag the flower up and it snaps on top....I drag the item over from the file it is found in....Befor it would have the border around it and I would drag and drop again from that area onto the workspace....I seem to remember there being a place to go to reset something.....I know I'm not  explaining it very well....BEfor when I opened a template or LO to work on it would have the grayed border and I would set it as View as Default....now it just opens as that....Ive noticed to I cant enlarge or zoom in with the mouse wheel like befor...Any Ideas>> I have PSE13

  4. I just went to page 70 in the Collections and Kits,,,and started browsing....I am shocked at how many I already own....would scroll down and think Oh I love that and woops....already have it.  I LOVE that feature in the store that tells you you already own it!!!!!!!!!!!  I do buy from wish list now and then...if there is a sale I look to see if some things are cheaper...

    The last thing I purchased was some Stampin UP for card making....got some punches for shaped tags....


















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