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    Project Life 2018

    Question AnnMarie.....I'm sure it is just understood that the collections and kits used need to be Scrap Girls but is it disqualifying for a LO to have anything on it that is not from Scrap Girls?? did not see anything about that in the requirements. For example if there was a flower or embellishment that was just perfect for LO but from another site...??? I did not underline this on purpose LOL
  2. I think it was because I was not using the drop down menu for the specific Gallery...we shall see LOL
  3. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    I figured out the uploading problem....I was making it way harder then it needed to be LOL not unusual for me LOL
  4. Ande43

    Cat Nap

    I figured it out.....
  5. Ande43


    Just Experimenting to make sure I can upload this LOL after all the times I got the Queued message
  6. LOVE this!! great photos!!!
  7. Great LO....Your life is much busier than mine LOL
  8. ABR_SSDT_AlbSer 10 BHA_Swt_Strt Gang ABR Effortless LLO_Fall Snaps Well this week was Carson's Basketball Game, Cali is getting closer to Brannt Pizza Party when Brannt was here...always have to have the old favorite Sammy's Pizza when the kids are here from Washington...it has been in business since the 1960's here in Minot and there is no other pizza like it. At the Airport as Brannt takes off back to Fort Hood in Texas
  9. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    How do I send it too you April, I am copy/pasting it into the email like I always have to share but it is not working...am I having a Senior Moment here?? LOL NEVER MIND It worked now
  10. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    I'm going to the Project life 2018 Gallery and then clicking upload images...Just tried again and it says Queued below the black rectangle box ...have uploaded 3 of them just fine and now am on 17 tries for this one all different times of the day and nite
  11. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    I've tried 11 times over the last two days and evening to upload a LO to the gallery and get the Queued message and it does not move on Help!!!
  12. What does it mean when you began an upload and it says Queued
  13. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    Here is Week 3 Jan-14-20
  14. ABR_SSDLT_AlbSer10 SNU_Altered Life ASO_VanPlumPudding Brannt had a week in ND...on leave from Fort Hood My new Kindle Fire Tablet Carmel Bites and Smores Bars Brannt playing in my Craft room....has always been a favorite place for him My Flip pal scanner....scanned over 700 pic while visiting with Brannt in the Living Room
  15. Ande43

    Chilly Memories

    BEAUTIFUL photo!!! Love your cluster too
  16. Ande43

    Jumstart january

    This really grabbed my attention.....love everything about it!! Especially the doily
  17. I resize the Finished LO..I save a finished TIFF....and save a JPEG when I finish in12x12....then Resize to 8x8 and save as JPEG....and then Save for Web
  18. So Striking.....love the Font for the January
  19. Now this made me Hungry LOL
  20. Ande43

    Jan Week 2

    Love this!!! Awwww sweet furry kid LOVE it!!
  21. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    Here you go...January - week 2
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