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    Project Life 2018

    I think I have decided to go with the One LO a month .... Maybe an additional LO at the end of the month with Misc photos...We shall see. The years I did the one a month I did them all and the ones I did a LO a week I dropped out of site in July
  2. I do that too Lynn.....I'm going through everything and converting the PSD to TIF file.....then you can delete the JPEG too
  3. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    This tutorial is wonderful....it's how I began many years ago....you won't be sorry
  4. I am having a really hard time deciding what to do....7 photos a week, or 4 photos a Month ...I did that a couple years and it worked out really well...not as much stress for this old lady who doesn't do anything terribly exciting LOL but I have done the 7 a week and that was fun as I took pic of things I never even registered in my world befor....what are you all doing???? I also used this calendar Temp and put each LO I finished each month in a square...that was fun to see all at a glance.
  5. OHHHH Ya.....I can certainly relate....have things from almost 15 years ago....I have gotten rid of some that are odd, but so much is really nice stuff...I didn't file by Site, or Designer back then tho.....I also back at the beginning kept things by collection somewhat, but then did Copy and Past ....Paper by color, Ribbons/string etc, Buttons, Borders, Clouds Sun, Snowflakes, Rain drops....etc etc....I do use that still tho if I can't find the right shade of red paper I more than likely will in my folder of 873 sheets of red paper LOL....do this type of thing in my Scrap Girls folder too....easier to find that one odd embellishment if you have a file of them than have to remember what collection that pencil was in LOL I have folders for each site, and also have made folders for "Themes" like School, Seasons, Reading, Guys/Boys, Arts/Crafts, Army soldier, Birthday, Vintage, Zoo......and many more just copy and past tho I figure the more places I have something the more apt I am to run into it and use it.
  6. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    It really is motivation to take pictures and of everything....it makes us look at everything as a Possible pic for LO....where we would never have seen so many things befor...I love the Quote Remember the Little things for one day you will look back and realize they are the BIG things....as little as a bug or a dish of something you made for supper.....I'm retired and we don't travel or go much so have to dig pretty deep for a photo some days,,,Just pic of daily life.
  7. Ande43

    Climbing Trees

    Ohhhhh Ya!!! That is definitely Motion!!! Love it!!
  8. Ande43

    My New Bike

    Great page....love everything about it!!!!
  9. Beautiful....I love the cluster in bottom right corner!!!
  10. Ande43


    Love this....Time definitely flying by!!!!
  11. Thanks so much....couldn't have been much easier than that
  12. Ok....I posted a LO in the Gallery, but have forgotten how to link it to here....are there directions somewhere...gosh it has been a long time since I did this LOL
  13. Braden is now a driver...how is that possible ?? I used ABR_CTW Jiffy LO #1 BMW_Countryside Big Title
  14. Ande43

    Project Life 2018

    I'm going to do it again this year.....I have completed 3 different years but 3 others stop in June or July I'm sure my kids will wonder where did Grandma go for 6 months in those years .....I have photos for those years so may keep plugging along on those also
  15. I open the PSD in PSE and then go to file, Save as, and in that box I chose TFF in the options....what I like about them is the TFF is like a JPEG....so for all those PSD files you can see what they look like and not just the icon....I'm slowly going through all my PSDs and converting them...they work just the same
  16. Have any of you done this???? I have converted a lot of mine and I have deleted the PSDs....Have you???
  17. Have any of you done this???? I have converted a lot of mine and I have deleted the PSDs....Have you???
  18. Have any of you ever printed as 8x8 and then Scrapped that like a photo on PP/Cardstock to turn into a 12x12 ....Ive thought about doing that for a few to finish a couple paper scrapped Scrapbooks that should have afew more pages.....
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