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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. The children had such a blast at the Halloween ball whilst on holiday at Butlins BMU Hallows Eve KAagard Jeepers Creepers Little Green frog 360 degrees Photoshop CS4 Thanks for looking
  3. The children had such a blast at the Halloween ball whilst on holiday at Butlins BMU Hallows Eve KAagard Jeepers Creepers Little Green frog 360 degrees Photoshop CS4 Thanks for looking
  4. Sonia11

    All Girl

    I had this layout of my eldest daughter, Hollie, in a hidden gallery so I thought I would move it to my own gallery Supplies BMU Junk in the Trunk (Love this collection) Photoshop Cs4 TFL!
  5. Supplies KAagard Silent night Photoshop CS4 TFS!
  6. Sonia11

    Autumn Swan

    Oh I love this page. Amazing photo of thr swan which is really accentuated by the wonderful blending. Great composition with the element border. Really lovely page!
  7. Sonia11

    Letters Home

    Joyce - your layouts are so amazing and inspiring. I love what you have been doing with these heritage layouts. Your family are so lucky that you are preserving these stories. I inherited some photis a few years ago but the storues behind them are lost forever. Amazing composition and layout
  8. Wow look at those amazing photos and what a handsome bridal couple you are. Love the monochromatic scheme you used it really showcases the photos. Its great you are scrspping these. I am loving your albums
  9. Sonia11

    Retirement Day

    What a wonderful layout and equally wonderful memory. Its wonderful that navy wifes are honoured in such a way. I must ask my brother but I am not sure it is the same in the Uk? Wonderful composition with the circle frame. Lovely layout
  10. Sonia11


    Awww what wonderful photos perfectly displayed in this layout as only you can! Superb composition as always. Very lovely layout. Tfs!
  11. Sonia11


    Joyce this is wonderful. I love the vignette you created here with the central photo and all the wonderful photos in the background. Brilliant inclusion of the memorabilia in the foreground also. Simply divine andI love that you are scrapping these heritage photos.
  12. Sonia11

    No more Mum!

    Journalling reads It happens to every scrapbook mother everywhere at some time or other. Years of click, click, and snap, snap, snap take their toll on the children eventually. I admit that I am so obsessed at times with capturing the moment, that I forget you are just young and far more interested in doing the activity rather than capturing the moment for prosperity. I was looking back through my photos today and despairing over the gloomy faces, bored expression and far away look in your eyes. I remember pleading “Just one photo please” but I actually took more like 60 this day, It was supposed to be a family fun day and it was we all had a great time, but somtimes the camera clearly does get in the way. Does this make me a bad mother? No just a little thoughtless sometimes. Family fun should not be viewed as a photo op but as a time to be together and bond. I promise to remember this more moving forward. Love Mum xxx Supplies BMU SS Tools Emboss DInskip snapshots Photoshop CS4 Thanks for looking
  13. Wow what an amazing photo!! I love the Bokeh you used on it and the frame is just perfect. It almost looks like it could be sat on your mantlepiece!
  14. Sonia11


    Supplies BMU SS Paper Interactive Text BMU Junk Trunk BMU Serendipity SNU Butterfly dream Photoshop CS4 Thanks for looking
  15. Amazing collection Brandy and I'm loving your amazing layouts also - and this one is no exception - Divine!. I am sooooo far behind with my creative juices since I started my new job but a little trip to your boutique yesterday and today was all I needed to get me going again. Love your designs as you know it makes creating so easy
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