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  1. Please sign me up. I appreciate the accountability! The few years I have done successfully were in a monthly format with 2 pages per month. I like the photo focus and find these books so wonderful to look back on. Not sure what materials I will use this year, but have an overflowing cart! Thanks for running this challenge!
  2. How late January lunch at the Columbia in Ybor city?
  3. My grandaughter just adopted a little black chi. Your layout gave me some ideas to capture her new love. Great focus on the eyes. Thanks.
  4. I hardly get here-but was finally unpacking my new club. With training videos!! seriously great stuff. Thanks soo much!

    1. CRS


      We've missed you!

    2. SodScrap


      Good to see you!

    3. jode2771


      Nice to see you and good to hear you love the club! Perhaps we will see some layouts from you using it soon? Enjoy!

  5. Getting kicked around in the boutique. Soesn't recognize the coupon code, dumps my basket., ICK!

  6. love your pic of the roses. its the one plant I miss growing here.
  7. This is great. Love the antique look you did with it.
  8. Apsaalooka: people of the long necked bird materials in exif

    © (C) candy Krewer

  9. Inspiration credit to Cheri T! LOL Journaling: Dearest Senor PSCS, You brighten my darkest days—just the hope of spending time alone, uninterrupted with you—keeps me going. I am anxious for just a few more moments in your presence. Sleepless in the night, I plan eagerly for our next meeting. My heart pounds with excitement at each small revelation of your complex personality. I am continually discovering new depths in our relationship. Those shortcut text messages we share—oh how sweet! My life is enriched from every moment spent with you. You have brought color, creativity, challen
  10. FInished and ordered my 2011 books--first time for me so very excited and rewarded self with a wee bit of retail therapy! LOL floors had to wait today.

    1. Sherry Lynn

      Sherry Lynn

      Ooooooooooooooh you'll have to let us know how they turn out - great accomplishment!


    2. jode2771


      Well done! And the floors will be there tomorrow... :-( and the next day... and the next day... :-(

  11. Oh theses sales--and the great products. I'm going to end up grounded.LOL

  12. No more papers to grade! Let the scrapping begin...

    1. luckyladybug


      Yeah! I'm right there with you!

  13. I concede! This was soo much fun, but I still have papers to grade tonight. I ony made it through 5, but am inspired to do more challenges. Thanks for sponsoring this and thanks to everyone for their kind comments I'll "leave some love" when I get my work done.

    1. diannecp


      i hear you. i have 3 ch. of edits to get back to someone tonight. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. materials in exif Just made it in the 1 hour allowed! I spend way to much time trying differnt things.

    © (C) candy krewer

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