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  1. aepona_00

    Getting to Know You

    I love the photo and the layout! What a wonderful expression, and a wonderful sentiment! Beautiful!
  2. aepona_00


    Kensington Collection SNU_SSCardTmplt_Layered_Photo4x6

    © &copy Aleta Goin

  3. Absolutely stunning! This collection is one of my favorite, and you have an eye for pulling out the details of the photo and the collection. Beautiful job, beautiful photo!
  4. Hi Florida Granny! Thanks so much! I apparently need to check online more. I had no idea that I had even won until today. Better late than never! Glad you liked the layout! :)

  5. Saw your layout in today's newsletter. It's lovely! Congratulations!

  6. aepona_00

    Moki & Me!

    I lifted the design from BMU_SSStyles_Emboss-Engrave_LO-1_300. Supplies used are all from the BeauteBotanica collection.

    © &copyAletaGoin

  7. I love the narrow photo strips and the theme of 3 that is carried through the whole LO! Beautiful in it's simplicity of style!
  8. This is an absolutely fabulous LO! I really, really, really love coffee too and this is such a fun idea! I will have to do one myself! Beautiful blending on the background and your choice of elements is perfect. I also the love arrangement of pics! I can smell the freshly brewed coffee from here!
  9. Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for your comment on my LO. Loved reading your "about me" !

  10. I love the way song lyrics can capture sentiments so well! That's a fabulous song and those are great photos! The LO is whimsical, fun and full of joy and love. It reflects the song and the lyrics really well! Fabulous LO!
  11. Elegant and stunning! I love the vow!
  12. What an incredible photo and the style and color of the LO complement it so well! I love the story too! It's so expressive! This is what scrapbooking is all about! Preserving these memories so they are not forgotten. Beautiful!
  13. What a sweet picture and a great quote! Fabulous LO!
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