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  1. When we built our last home, I had them build a whole wall of bookshelves, and we gave ourselves a rolling library ladder for Christmas that year. I loved that wall. Yours brings back fond memories.
  2. That table was my Mother's, so it is special to me.
  3. I was sitting in my living room when I saw this. Here is what was to my left.
  4. I had this idea from the moment I saw the photo. I had trouble finding photos that I wanted and ended up with three blended photos. Los Arcos Cabo
  5. I had this idea as soon as I saw the photo. I used three photos blended together to get the image that I wanted. They were all taken on the same boat trip. The bird is a clip art because I couldn't find anything else to use in my stash.
  6. Beautiful page. Great photo.
  7. 2nd Animal Layout I followed the third column: 2 photos, 3 word title, wild animal, 5 emb. and 1 paper. Love this game. African Cape Buffalo
  8. I followed the third column down: 2 photos, 3 word title, wild animal, 5 emb. and one paper.
  9. This is indeed beautiful. I love everything, especially the blending.
  10. Here's my first (hopefully) page for the Animal Bingo. I hope to be able to do another one. I have a lot of great photos I can use. I went from the bottom left to top right, using 6 embellies, 2 photos, wild animals, 2 papers, and alpha and a font. Chobe National Park
  11. We saw a lot of animals at Chobe, but probably more elephants than any others. I almost forgot to add what I used. I went down the middle column and added 6 embellishments, 3 photos, wild animal, 2 papers, and alpha and a font.
  12. I agree about the charts, and this is such a great idea for a game. I have a crazy week this week, but I have two ideas I would really like to do for this one, so I will try.
  13. Here's mine. I used the BMU_CottageRose Collection. Lovely
  14. I used the BMU_CottageRose collection
  15. Very nicely done. I really like using one collection sometimes.