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  1. Days 5 and 6 Yesterday was so hectic, so I combined both of the days this morning. Here's my finished page, using a favorite photo of Keegan. Cool Dude
  2. Keegan is always making faces, and this is a particular favorite of mine.
  3. Day 4 Here's my page for now with 5 embellishments added.
  4. Hi. I've been fortunate to have traveled many places with my husband, and have retired from travel these days. I guess the place I would dearly love to go back to, above all the others would be Zermatt, and see the Matterhorn one last time. As for where I live, more people come here to visit Graceland than any other attraction. When you live in or near Memphis, you realize how much people all over the world loved Elvis.
  5. Day 3 I used a mask from SNU_Picturesque for my photo.
  6. Day 2 I used a blender and colored it with a pale green to create my border.
  7. I used the action PhotoBasics_ClassicSepia on this photo of Keegan, and a paper from the Holiday Baking collection. I guess I will use green for my accent color.
  8. Here's my finished page for this week. Such great colors to work with. Swans Along the Shore
  9. I really enjoyed working with these colors this week.
  10. 12th I think I'm caught up. I added a brush to my page.
  11. Catching up on tasks 2 thru 4. I finally had time today to work on this. I added one photo, 3 embellishments, and one word art.
  12. May 8th I picked two papers, one from Sweet Street Gang and the other from Stories We Tell.
  13. I really love these colors and will give some thought to what I can do with them. I, too, have a busy week coming up, with Dr., dentist, and pedicure appointments in addition to the everyday stuff. But I will get this done.
  14. It took me a while to decide how to do this. I used the tutorial Making Word Art Pop, and I love it.l Here is the link to my page. PROUD
  15. Keegan knocked on my daughter's door to announce proudly "Gramma, I dressed myself".