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  1. Still playing catch-up. Here is my Thankful page, with a photo of my wonderful, strong children, who have survived several serious medical problems since their Father died. Oh dear, I see I need to get a Christmas siggie up soon. My Strength
  2. My children have been through several serious medical problems in the past three years, and they have shown me how strong they really are. Thankfully they are all doing very well now.
  3. Oh, I'm behind again. I have struggled with the last tutorial. I think it's because my hands shake a bit. I used the Magnetic Lasso tool and extracted a rose from a photo (not the leaves, that would have been too much for me to handle). I just found leaves in my stash. I'll try to catch up over the weekend. Roses in December
  4. I struggled with this, so I'm not sure I like it, but here it is.
  5. Rhodes was a beautiful place.
  6. Here's my entry for week 4. It is in the newsletter challenge gallery. Rhodes
  7. Here's my page for the wire challenge. Rhodes
  8. I was so inspired by the photo of Santorini that my first impulse was to do a layout of Santorini itself. Then I decided to go with some photos from Mykonos, an island just as beautiful in it's own way. I believe this catches me up. I hate being behind. Mykonos
  9. Mykonos is another beautiful place in the Greek Islands. Lots of blue and white there as well.
  10. Beautiful, Jane. I almost went with photos of Santorini, and had some of the same ones. I ended up going with Mykonos.
  11. Playing catch-up. I managed to get behind again. Here's my page for the word art tutorial. I used a mask with a solid paper attached to it. Fun In The Kitchen
  12. Amie always thinks of neat things for Keegan to do when he spends time with her.
  13. I'll bet I know where this photo was taken. I have almost that same one. I'm still working on deciding what to do for this challenge. Running behind again.
  14. I'm a day late on this one. Here's my Christmas Card. Now I have to check out the tutorial and start thinking about that one. Merry Christmas Cole
  15. I give my grandkids money for Christmas so I need cards to put the money in.