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  1. Congrats, Betty. Yes, ladies, I've been playing but not posting as it's been a hectic week. I ended up the week with 13. Round 4 coming up; who knows what that one will bring.
  2. Beautifully done. It is inspiring me to do a page for this challenge.
  3. Congrats, Barbara. I had one too, but you beat me in.
  4. From your mouth to God's ear, Ngaire.
  5. It looks like it's going to stay close right up to the end. Will that be today? I got 3 today which gives me 13.
  6. I got 2 more today, for a total of 10. I guess it's still pretty close.
  7. Right now I'd say it's anyone's game. You just never know.
  8. 3 for me today for a total of 8. We've got a real race going on here.
  9. I got it finished, and I have a busy afternoon coming up, so I'm posting it now. Hoppy Easter
  10. Just had to do this. This little guy was my DH's favorite Easter decor, so he's pretty special.
  11. Joyce, I love your Spring Siggie - it's so sunny and light. Really cheery in all these gloomy rainy days we are having here. Thanks. I am anxiously awaiting the hummers.
  12. I had an idea as soon as I saw this. I am working on it now.
  13. I got two today, for a total of 5. Not too bad.
  14. Thanks Ngaire. I actually did get 3 today.
  15. Good job, Conda. I got 3 today.