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  1. Here's my second page for week 3. It is the Sept. 19th newsletter challenge. Nature Walk in Ketchican
  2. Here's my page for this challenge. I think I got most of the things in but not all. Nature Walk in Ketchican
  3. what a great day we had.
  4. Another fun silly week. Here's mine. Russian Stave Church
  5. I was fascinated by this story of how this Church was built and transported to Antarctica.
  6. Beautiful, both the photo and the page.
  7. Flipped my page CC. and forgot to post it. Just waiting for today's task. I really want to do a bit of journaling on this one.
  8. I added my title using an alpha from BMU_Christmas to Remember, and the font, Segoe Print.
  9. I added nine embellishments, most from MAD_HolyWeek and one from STI_HolyNight(special).
  10. Thanks, April.
  11. I added 5 photos this time. I hope my page doesn't get to crowded.
  12. I know it won't be easy for me, but I will give it a try.
  13. I used two papers, the plain one from LLA_WCabin and the patterned from GWH_FamilyTies. I used a blender under the plain white one.
  14. I meant to post this tomorrow for my first page of week 3. If that's not ok, then it's just my bad, and I'll do another. Weekend Bucket Challenge
  15. I love this. A friend of mine is doing that with his daughter. They leave the Mom and the Son-in-law at home, and just Father and Daughter go to a different ball park every year. I don't know how many they have been to now.