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  1. I added nine embellishments, most from MAD_HolyWeek and one from STI_HolyNight(special).
  2. Thanks, April.
  3. I added 5 photos this time. I hope my page doesn't get to crowded.
  4. I know it won't be easy for me, but I will give it a try.
  5. I used two papers, the plain one from LLA_WCabin and the patterned from GWH_FamilyTies. I used a blender under the plain white one.
  6. I meant to post this tomorrow for my first page of week 3. If that's not ok, then it's just my bad, and I'll do another. Weekend Bucket Challenge
  7. I love this. A friend of mine is doing that with his daughter. They leave the Mom and the Son-in-law at home, and just Father and Daughter go to a different ball park every year. I don't know how many they have been to now.
  8. Antarctica was on our bucket list for quite a long time. Then in 2011 we had the opportunity to spend a day there. We flew over from Chile early in the morning, returning late afternoon. The most exciting thing was the Emperor Penguin that we saw. They let us get within about 10 feet of him so that we could take photos. They had no idea why or how he was there, as they usually aren't found this far from the pole. We also got to walk on the beach with the Chinstrap Penguins, which was a lot of fun. It snowed on us off and on, even though it was the middle of their summer, but it didn't really show up in any of my photos. All in all, a wonderful day. A Day In Antarctica
  9. Spending a day in Antarctica was a very big thing for us, as we had wanted to go there for a long time. The Emperor Penguin was quite a surprise, because they told us they are never seen that far from the Pole.
  10. Here's my second layout for week 2 of the challenge. Funny Petey
  11. Here's my page for the New Challenge. I just finished dressing Petey in his new scarecrow outfit. Funny Petey
  12. Petey decided he wanted to be a scarecrow for fall, so here he is in is brand new outfit.
  13. I think I moved things around more on this page during the week than I have ever done in one of these slow scraps, but here is my final page. Silly
  14. Keegan is a master of funny faces, and always uses one when he sees a camera pointed at him.
  15. Okay. I had to move things around quite a bit to fit everything on. I added a frame and six embellishments.