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  1. This layout is simply beautiful. I absolutely love it.
  2. Layout #12 I first saw all the colors on the mood board, and then spotted the photo of the necklaces, so I went with a photo of a couple of necklaces I made while playing around with my neighbors trying out different things. Now that I am seeing so much better I will try to get into the gallery and leave some love. I have been sadly lacking in that lately. I enjoyed the game this month very much. Playing Around
  3. Very simple, but I focused one the photo on the board of the necklaces, and the colors on the board.
  4. Layout #11 When I saw the mood board I saw black and white with a bit of color, and immediately thought about my penguins. Here's my link. Chinstrap Penguin
  5. I just got my internet working on this computer, so I will try to get the last two pages done today. For the first one, I was struck by the black and white with just a touch of a neutral color.
  6. As luck would have it I can't get on the web on my computer and it will be Saturday before I can get someone to kook at it. So I am going to be very behind. I will try to do the Lo's so I can post them Sunday if it gets fixed.
  7. Hi all. My eye surgery went wonderful and I want to thank all of you who wished me well. I am seeing so well that' it's hard to believe. I will get back to scrapping so I don't get behind too much.
  8. Layout #10 - Mood Board Here's the link to my layout. I may get a bit behind this week, as I'm having eye surgery tomorrow. It's supposed to be very simple, but I don't know if there is a little recovery time or not. The good news is that I should be able to see a lot better in a couple of days. Walking in Arles
  9. I saw the mood board as representing taking pictures around a town or city.
  10. I took a suggestion in Photo-less Scrapbook Layouts and this is what I came up with. I Heart Coffee
  11. Here's my offering for the layout without photos.
  12. How interesting. I will see what I can do with it.
  13. Layout #8. I used the ABL_Illustrated_Collection Mini. Such Beauty
  14. It's pretty simple, but I kind of like it.
  15. Sept 19th. I really like the Sweet Mint Collection Super Mini.
  16. Layout #7 I've always wanted to do something with this photo, and finally got the opportunity. Flower Sculpture
  17. We just came upon this beautiful sculpture while walking around.
  18. I pick the middle one, and I think I have an idea what to do.
  19. Layout #6 I created a cluster and added a title. Nature's Beauty
  20. I love getting to see orchids in natural surroundings.
  21. Layout #5 I used the first photo for my inspiration. I did have a bit of a hard time using 5 papers with my photo, but I guess I like it ok. MOOREA
  22. As soon as I saw this challenge I thought of this photo. I'll admit it wasn't easy using 5 papers with this photo, but I think I'm happy with it.
  23. Layout #4 I managed to get mine started last night and finished it this morning. Apparently I work pretty well under pressure. I used 4 shapes out of the shapes section of Photoshop. Making Friends
  24. While in Shanghai we visited a kindergarten. The children met us at the bus, each child taking "charge" of one visitor. This precious girl literally led me all over the school chattering all the time in Chinese. After our entertainment, which was great, they asked us to dance. I declined, but she wasn't having any of that. So, I danced with her to my DH's delight.
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