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  1. Update - the right combination of the Command + shift + y along with the reset type tool and closing/opening PSE seems to have worked. Phew, that was easy! Thank you again for all your help. My Christmas card is finally ready for print!! You've all been wonderful! Sandy
  2. Thank you all - this happens with ALL fonts, not just those in upper case only. I did try the Command + shift + y - and that did not do it. (I had googled it extensively before I posted!) There is one more suggestion but that is pretty complicated and I'd rather not mess with anything if I don't have to. It's a new Mac and I'm having a hard enough time learning the basics (very different than my old HP) But thank you all, maybe when I get home and log in all will be right it had been all along till yesterday (when I needed to complete a project for the printer!!!) Many thanks! Sandy
  3. Hi All If anyone can help me with this, I know y'all can!! I am working in a new IMac (El Capitan) and Photoshop Elements 14. All of a sudden, I have text ONLY in uppercase (caps lock in NOT on!) - what in the world?? I have tried "Reset Tools" and I have closed it out. Seems that closing it out and opening worked once, but after opening a new file, back to where I was with no option for lower case. There surely must be something somewhere that is set wrong... Any ideas?! Thank you so much for any help!!! Sandy
  4. Thank you both! You can imagine how frustrated I am with this whole change over to a Mac and to a new version of Photoshop ELements (6 to 14, wow) and to find out that Picasa was no longer available to download. Finally figured out how to get a version of it for the Mac and thought I was back in the game. I still have lots to figure out with the new version of Elements, but I think the easiest way is to purchase a new ED and copy (at least for now) my scrapbooking items over to that. I think I have every item in the boutique... Enjoy your weekend! Sandy
  5. Actually, I think it may have more to do with the size of my file (8.5 x 11) that seems so small in comparison to the workspace on this big screen and in the editor mode. I think I need to find a way for my file to fill the workspace, if that makes sense. Sandy
  6. Hello again! So, I have a new IMac (formerly used an HP) and have an external hard drive (that was formatted for an HP) that contains ALL of my scrapbooking items. Bought some new stuff today from Scrapgirls and cannot save it to the external hard drive (because of the formatting) - can anyone offer suggestions for the best way to handle this? Would like to keep all scrapbooking together - is it easiest to buy another EHD and copy everything over from one to the other? Can I even do that? Sheesh, this transition has been tough!! Thanks, Sandy
  7. Thanks everyone - its just odd - I never had this problem on my HP - it wasn't until I got this new IMac and Photoshop Elements 14 that it's happening. Sandy
  8. Thank you - I will look into this as well. Much appreciated! Sandy
  9. Thank you- I will certainly check out something similar in Elements. My photos come in so big that even resizing as you described is a process! Sandy
  10. Hi All - I am making progress - learning my new IMac, learning new Photoshop Elements 14, and finally got Picasa downloaded onto the new IMac...phew. When I create a layout page and add photos to it (either from the hard drive or Picasa) - the photo comes over REALLY big on the layout screen and I need to spend many clicks making it smaller to adjust it to the 12x12 or 8.5x11 layout. Is there a way to control how big that photo is so that I don't have to adjust every one? Am I making sense? Thanks! Sandy
  11. You can drag and drop a whole folder. I would open the folder select all and then drop it into the preset folder of choice. When in FINDER just click on FILE and scroll down to FIND and do a search - eg. flower and all the flowers that are on your computer will show up. Hope I explained that correctly. Thanks again - one more thing - with Picasa everything was sorted by folder which was great for me. I don't want to see a mish-mosh of flowers from different collections. I'd rather see each collection individually. Sandy
  12. Thanks much! While I think I could download Picasa, I'm not sure if I want to do this or just suck it up and find something new. You say Apple has a great search tool, do you mean with their Googlephotos? And do you know if I can drag and drop an entire folder at a time? Or do I need to load everything separate? Sorry if that is a silly question, I have not played with anything on new PSE 14 yet... Sandy
  13. Hi All - I just bought a new IMac (steep learning curve, so frustrating) and had to download a new version of PSE - I had 6 and now have 14. Was told that whatever I had loaded in my PSE6 would come over to my upgrade - it has not. That aside, I now go to download Picasa (my favorite) and find out that it is going away or worse, gone! Google has something new?? Can anyone offer suggestions? I love Picasa! Should I download it anyway, or fumble through some new alternative that google has to offer? Appreciate any thoughts! Sandy
  14. Thank you for your answer and thoughts - do I love my IMac - NO! Not yet!!! At every turn I am met with questions and few answers. I was told I could "upgrade" to PSE 14, which I did, and all my stuff would come over and be loaded. NOT! Now I come in to sit and download Picasa, which I have used for years, only to find that google does not support it and I've got to figure something else out! I have a lovely large screen that most people would die for, but I can't adjust the height of the monitor and have not yet adapted. Woe is me! Aren't you glad you asked? I'm off to find out how others organize all their "stuff" - I've got tons. Sandy
  15. Hi All Just bought a new IMac (always had an HP) and wanted to download the same old version of PSE onto this Mac. I'm guessing I can't (I have PSE6) as that option is not even offered. So i am guessing I will need to get a new version of PSE for a Mac (not an HP) but am then left wondering how in the world do I get all my "stuff" loaded into this new version from my old harddrive?? This is not how I want to spend my time! Any suggestions or words of wisdom welcome! Thanks in advance! Sandy