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  1. All the above! I can tell you that my iMac was a total mess after it upgraded to the new version of Catalina. It appears to have downloaded something that ran a program that bypassed google and caused the search engine to do yahoo. I could not open a thing! Everything was hosed up - LightRoom, Bridge, PSE, it took me days to figure it out. Biggest mistake was upgrading (automatically.) I lost my ability to use Picasa, most devastating!!
  2. At first I thought I was reading a post that I, myself, wrote! I was so in love with Picasa and with the darn upgrade on the Mac I no longer had access to it. Major bummer! Took me months of trial and error to figure out what might work. Should be easy, yes? They said google photos - I have not found that to be the solution (has anyone?) ACDSee is known not to work on a Mac - finally got my money back for that purchase. I've been using LR Bridge and just last night started going through ALL of my collections, finding the main sheet that shows what's in the collection, and addi
  3. Just downloaded Adobe Bridge and am finally seeing my whole Scrapgirls folder with all that is in it again! Actually got started doing a few pages or my annual calendar - hooray!!! Still miss my Picasa...but better than nothing!! Sandy
  4. So you are using Windows 10? I do all my scrapbooking on a Mac which has been great, up until this recent upgrade! Good luck!
  5. Hi there! Did you decide to use Adobe Bridge? Is that why you spent time filing, unzipping, etc.? It's funny, you'd think this would be an easy process!!! I just want to see all my files, open, in front of me, in the Scrapgirls main folder! Sandy
  6. Wow - as I mentioned, my scrapbooking has come to a halt! Not only busy with work-from-home during the pandemic, but still trying to decide on a way to organize my files. I've received a refund from AcdSee. Now I am trying to work in Photoshop Elements Organizer 14 - it keeps crashing. I can't even determine the simplest way to start! An album vs all my folders! Good grief!!! I will certainly look at Adobe Bridge - and I will continue to try and make Organizer work. I'm just not sure why or how it can be this hard!!! I only want to keep all my collections together - see all the el
  7. I've contacted ACDSee again, and they tell me I can't keep file folders open and it can't show the sub-folders on a Mac. I've asked for a refund as this was the only reason I wanted it. If you can convince me that I can see this on a Mac, I'll call off my attack!! I just want a simple file viewer! My scrapbooking has come to a halt! Sandy
  8. Thank you so much for this explanation. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent trying to find a replacement for Picasa. I have Lightroom and I have PSE 14 for my editing. I also have a ton of photos, like many of you, I am sure. So I have ACDSee for Mac 6. I have a support ticket open with them. I want to be able to see what is in each sub folder easily when I scroll (like I could with Picasa). I also want to hide certain folders and ONLY use this to look at my scrapbooking files. I tend to scroll through the collections and glance at color schemes that might work for a p
  9. Can you share with me what it is you like about ACDSee and how you use it? I love that I could pull up Picasa and see all of the embellishments and kits all across the screen. They were sorted by folder, but I could easily see what was in each one. I'm looking into Phiewer for the Mac...I need to resolve this so I can see what is in all my folders!
  10. It is a Mac thing for sure. But I've read that it's a problem for Windows 10, I did not have a problem until I upgraded to the latest version. Had I known, I would not have done it! I find Picasa to be so helpful - it allows me to see all of my collections and elements right in front of me without opening all the folders. I'm beside myself trying to come up with the best plan!! Everything else seems to complicated - ACDSee seems close but still way more than I need. I have Lightroom and PSE - I just need this for a photo viewer! Sandy
  11. Hello everyone - I hope that each of you are doing as well as can be during these unsettling times. TeeCee - I know you said you also worked with and loved Picasa. With my latest upgrade to the Mac, Picasa no longer works. Something to do with 32 bit vs. the OS being 64 bit - not that I understand. I am looking for a photo viewer to replace Picasa. With Picasa, it would show "open" folders with all the elements in it and I could scroll down and see what I wanted to work with. My question is - how do I select a photo viewer that will show me what is in the folders without havi
  12. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Your responses are so helpful...I'll stick to the .psd files as I move along. Brandy, I think I have almost every one of your collections - love them!!
  13. Thanks very much - I agree! I guess its the png and jpg files that are throwing me off the most!
  14. Hi All - it's been a while! I just purchased Brandy Murry's Background Blenders 7 and am confused. There are several .png files, several .jpg files and several .psd files. Within the .psd files there are sometimes 2 layers. I can't for the life of me figure out how to use these. Do I select only one layer in the .psd file? Attach my layout paper to only that one layer? Also, the .png and .jpg files are really tiny - what are they used for? Sorry, never was this confused about blenders before! Bought these with the intention of using them as she did on the layout with a blonde woman fe
  15. This is awesome! So helpful! I am going to play around with it tonight and hopefully take 10 years off my face! 🤗 Thank you again, you ladies are all amazing!! Sandy
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