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  1. Happy Birthday - hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Congratulations Belle! You have been here a long time and have many beautiful layouts posted for all of us to enjoy!
  3. I love the simple clean lines in this layout! The eye is drawn into the photos and not all the peripherals so you see all the beauty the photos have to offer.
  4. Good Morning everyone. It's a chilly morning in SW Ohio. Hello winter.. Oh did I really say that!?

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    2. LauraJB


      I think it just skipped over us here. I am so not ready for winter.


    3. AnnBK


      It was 15 when I got up this morning...but plenty of blue skies.


    4. jode2771


      And we are over 100F today :-( and back to 64F tomorrow... Why isn't the weather following the rules lol?!? Good to see you Laura btw!

  5. Oh I pray that I will get a layout done for this month!
  6. Beautiful photos and layout. I love the way you are telling your story within the pages of your album!
  7. Love love love this page. The way you have the photo faded and then the touching smaller photo says it all.
  8. Looking through your wedding album is wonderful! The way you have the photos and journaling is great! Journaling is just as important as the actual photos! Congratulations!
  9. I named my collection "10 year Anniversary Collection" for two reasons: several of the items go nicely with my 10 anniversary and the SG 10th anniversary
  10. Naomi recently had her 7th birthday and boy does time fly even with this seasoned veteran mom! I used the following supplies: AFT_JIF6_Bubblegum Fonts: LDE_AmbrosiaBold and LDE_EleanorRae
  11. Hopefully, I will be able to participate in this chat today! So miss being able to have time to scrap.
  12. Please add me. Not sure what all I will be able to complete by end of the week though.
  13. Did I miss all the specials?

    1. mbc72


      There is still lots going on this week, here is this week's schedule