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  1. I'm back . There are some tutorials here - https://scrapgirls.com/category/planners-tutorials/. I'm still getting used to the new site so I've yet to locate it but there was a blog post on February 8th with some planner tips. I think another post is coming soon. I have been using both a day to day planner and a fitness planner using Syndees Color Your World Planner Products for a while. I reduced the pages to fit into a half size binder (3 ring). Syndee's Color Your World Fit Planner works awesome. There are sticker pages already set up. I print and cut them on my electronic
  2. Hi all. So sorry I've been out of the loop for a few days. I've been working with Syndee on Planners for a while now. Later tonight I will see what posts I can find and write more. There are definitely lots of possibilities in the store and some articles on the site.
  3. I feel a little like I cheated as I had a card I finished last year too late to send in for the swap. Found it and sent it this morning. Now to the long list of other things to do.
  4. Yeah. Mine arrived today and they are FABULOUS. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
  5. Still waiting in sunny Arizona The mail carrier watch continues.....
  6. The stalking of our mail carrier begins
  7. I wasn't expecting them to be delivered until Monday. YEAH. Thanks Carla!!!
  8. I'm mailing mine in the morning. I apologize but it is likely to be Monday before they arrive.
  9. I haven't started punching yet. I'll try to remember not to punch them all! No worries either way. Appreciate everything you do to make this work.
  10. Printing. Yeah. Carla if you haven't started punching pls don't punch mine. I have a little easel. If you have started punching NO WORRIES. I will use my other stand.
  11. Hi all. Sorry so MIA. I still plan on having mine to you by the 15th.
  12. I shouldn't be doing this but I love this swap. I'll take June.
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