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  1. KarinaS

    Upgrading PSE 6 to PSE 14

    So, I finally got around to using PSE 14. Downloaded the handbook as you suggested, MariJ - WOW it is SO much easier to load the styles!! Although I am having "fun" trying to find where things are now and I do believe some options that I really used a lot are gone... Can't wait to get back to scrapping more! Thanks, again!
  2. It's been awhile since I've been on Scrap Girls, so hoping some of my old friends (and new ones!) can help me out. I just upgraded to a new laptop with Windows 10 from my old one with WIndows Vista and just installed PSE 14. I'm hoping the learning curve is not going to be too great as I was pretty good on PSE 6 after all these years! I have a TON of styles, actions, etc. but my last purchase was probably back in 2011, so I don't know if those will translate into the new version of PSE and if I am supposed to follow the same instructions for installing as before. If anyone can give any advice on this, I would appreciate it! I know there used to be threads that were pinned with the most used "instructions" for installing files and I will try to look for those now as well. Looking forward to hearing from Sandy, April, Ann, Jane, TeeCee, Carla, Karen, Ngaire, Linda, Sandi, Ang, Amanda, Cheri and anyone else I forgot!!!