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  1. A very Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Valerie!

  3. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a lovely day.

  4. Happy Birthday, Valerie!

  5. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday today.

  6. Happy Birthday Valerie!

  7. Happy birthday Valerie. Enjoy your day.

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day today!

  9. Happy Birthday Valerie! Have a super great day! :-)

  10. Happy Birthday to you! I hope your day is filled with sunshine, love and lots of little surprises today!

  11. I enjoyed watch the Oscars at my sister's but am regretting leaving the pie I brought at her house, my coffee feels lonely.

    1. PolkaDot


      Pie! Yes! That's how I watched, too. (Does anyone have a better smile than James Franco?) Off for a piece of apple pie with coffee!

    2. varanda
  12. Our forecast of snow was a snowjob: just frost!

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    2. CRS


      I'll ship you some of mine!

    3. AggieB


      S'OK - we got it - you want it back?

    4. amanda


      um, I can share some of ours too. ;)

  13. Snow in the forecast. Last time in snowed in San Francisco was 1976. Hard to imagine we might get a dusting on the grapevines.

  14. What a charmimg LO, love how you assembled everything.
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