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  1. Pab

    iNSD ColorChallenge-MakeMyDay

    Love this LO! You did a great job matching the colors in the photo. Good job on the shadows too!!
  2. Pab

    Easter with OB and Amanda.jpg

    Lovely page! Love your blending work!!
  3. My son being sworn into the Army! More details on page http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/168035-kyles-basic-training-graduation-day/
  4. Pab

    Kyle Getting Honored

    Another page to honor my son. He was given the sharp shooter award. Top shooter in his battalion! I will try to find the kit used. Forgot to keep a record.
  5. Here's my son the day of his Graduation from Basic Training in the Army! I can not explain in words how proud and the depth of emotion that was experienced that day! My son had almost died of a drug overdose about a yr and a half before this day. To see him get free and stay free and be alive to do what he is doing today, well no words can describe his father and my ongoing depth of pride every time I look back at these pictures or watch the video of that day! He is stationed in Hawaii with his beautiful wife and his 1 1/2 yr. son. While I miss them terribly, I would sacrifice whatever I had to to keep him healthy and whole! Him joining the Army was just what the Lord had planned to solidify his already determined decision to get free from drugs and stay free!! Prayer works wonders!! Kit used was Jen Reed's Go Army
  6. Pab

    First Word

    Okay I haven't been involved in a few years now. Life got in the way... But back when I played before we were suppose to leave a new different word for the next person. Do we not do it that way anymore??
  7. Pab

    April Fool's Bingo!

    Way to go Diane!!
  8. Pab

    April Fool's Bingo!

    Way to go Betty!! Woo Hoo!! I actually ended up with 14. I have had high counts each time. lol
  9. Pab

    April Fool's Bingo!

    Goodness, no one hit it yet?? Well this is the longest round so far then. I have 11 at this point myself... lol
  10. Pab

    4 22 Weekend Challenge family

    Oh great job! It makes me miss our basketball hoop at our old house. We moved to get a bigger house for our many kids but had to leave our half court basketball that was behind our garage. Where does the time go!
  11. Pab


    Love this!! I love how you did the word art. I love seeing your LO's. They are always very good!
  12. Pab

    April Fool's Bingo!

    Well it's anyones game at this point. I am SOO glad I am not in the race this week as I got a big fat 0 today.
  13. Pab

    April Fool's Bingo!

    Well glad I won last week, cause I am only up to 7 at this point. It's looking like Diane may take home the prize this week!!
  14. Pab