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  1. Pab

    Then & Now

    I went ahead and just made an 8x10 to give to her granny. Simple but I love it. That's actually a wall downtown in our town, behind her.
  2. Love this page, it is so artsy!! Beautiful colors!
  3. Pab

    Then and Now

    Very cool page and VERY tremendous makeover!!
  4. What a cutie he is! Love how you anchored the photo!
  5. Such a cool view!! I too love that plaid mountain!
  6. Pab

    Dino museum

    Very cool page!!
  7. VERY CUTE!! The boys and your page!
  8. Pab

    Sept 13-SSProduct

    I like your dotted circles and the "cartoon" boy at the bottom.
  9. Very exotic looking page, great job!
  10. Pab

    Nature_16th Sep

    SO CUTE!! I like your treatment of the bigger photo and how you have "attached" the other one!
  11. Here's mine for this challenge, Grandbabies Galore
  12. I do get in front of the camera on very special occasions. The rest of the time I am behind it taking the photos! I used Thao Cosgrove Pretty Primavera Kit
  13. Pab

    Forever Love

    Thank you. Yes, it's like the saying, we may fight like cats and dogs at times, but we always stay in the same yard together! Honestly, we don't even argue or fuss anymore. We grew out of that years ago. lol Time is to short to stress over the little things, right?
  14. Pab

    Forever Love

    Thanks ladies! I looked for a saying about love and time going quick, but could not find one I liked. lol
  15. Here's mine for this weekend. Forever Love
  16. My hubby's love note to me on one of our vacations.
  17. Pab

    Nature_17th Sep

    I will have to scrap lift and do this with some older ones I have! Great job matching the vibe of the 70's!
  18. Pab

    Nature_Sep 13th

    Love how you have matched the background with the color of the hat and sweater so perfectly!! Such an adorable page!
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