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  1. Question: Do you pick 15 random words from the list- - or do you have to pick 3 groups of words, like Christmas Greetings, etc.
  2. Thanks for your answer, Nica.
  3. I know some people don't like the PSE Organizer, but I do. I do pretty much like Belle does and it works for me. If you want to see everything in a specific kit, just click on that kit's tag and they all come up. But if you want to find all the yellow flowers that you have, just click on the flower tag and there they are. I also have tags for the different holidays and for the different sports. That way, if I want to scrap a page of my grandson playing hockey, everything that pertains to hockey is in it's own tag. I store all my supplies on an EHD so they don't fill up the hard drive on my computer. Deb
  4. Another question. I never did like Picasa and would like to delete it from my computer. However, I read somewhere that if you delete a picture from Picasa, then it will also be deleted from your hard drive. So I was afraid to delete it because I was afraid I would lose all my pictures. Does anyone know about this? Thanks again Deb PSE 9 MacBook Pro running Yosemite
  5. I tried your suggestion to use the Finder to search for your SB supplies. Is there a way to see several of them on a page instead of having to scroll down so much? I only see one flower and then I have to scroll down to see another one. Also, not only did it bring up all my flowers, but it also brought up articles that probably included the word "flower." Is there a way to only see the actual flowers? Always looking for easier ways to search for things. Thanks for your suggestions. Deb
  6. Who received the $3 gift certificates?
  7. Oh, sorry, I am currently using PSE 9 on a MacBook Pro running Yosemite.
  8. When I make selections, it seems I always have little jagged edges. Quite awhile ago, I read how to fix that, but now I can't remember how to do it or where I read it. It seems like all you had to do was run your mouse around your selection and the jaggies were much, much better. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance for your help. You're always the best!
  9. Congratulations, Carol!! But did I miss something? Who received the $3 gift certificates?
  10. OK, I got my list sent. Good luck everyone!
  11. I found them! I'll have to send my list in later this evening though. Fun game.
  12. Wow! Thanks!! I was just logging in to guess another number! Congrats to the others!!
  13. I joined November 1, 2008. I believe I found Scrap Girls just by googling scrapbooking. I had never had experience with the traditional or digital scrapbooking but I was interested. I quickly found out that the Scrap Girls members were very friendly and could answer just about any question you threw at them. The very first SB supplies I bought were from Scrap Girls and they were Ordinary Peoples Boy Basic and Girl Basic from Mandy Steward. I have enjoyed the games and appreciate all the help I have received. These girls are very creative and I like to ooh and ahh over their pages. Happy Anniversary, Scrap Girls!!!
  14. I bought Ro's Secrets Revealed and More Secrets Revealed CDs in 2011. Does anyone have those plus Linda Sattgast's CDs? I was just wondering if it would still benefit me to buy Linda's CDs or if the information was basically the same. Linda is having a special on her CDs that ends tonight. Thanks for any input you have. Deb C.