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  1. Does anyone use Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2020 with the new Mac operating system, Catalina? Having any problems? Thanks. Deb C.
  2. Having trouble with PSE 13 on my MacBook Pro running with Mojave. Anyone have any suggestions to fix it? I get the spinning wheel ALL THE TIME!! Was thinking about upgrading to PSE 2019. Anyone having problems with 2019 with Mojave? I always appreciate all your help. Deb C. MacBook Pro Mojave
  3. Just bought a new MacBook Pro running High Sierra. Has anyone had any problems using PSE 13 with High Sierra? How about using PSE 13 with Mojave? Thanks for your help. Deb C.
  4. My daughter's birthday is December 24, so I will pick that number. 24
  5. Not sure if I can make the chat or not but here are my choices. Devil's Food Chocolate Chocolate Fudge "Happy Anniversary" Writing, Chopped Nuts and Sparklers Turquoise Chocolate Mousse 3 Tiered Do you see a pattern here? CHOCOLATE!!!! Anything and everything chocolate!!
  6. Ngaire. You were really out chasing bulls?????
  7. Thanks for the fun - - and the prize!! I can't believe I got so many matching words when the first set of words for round 2 left me with a big fat zero! Good luck everyone!!
  8. No, Linda, I refreshed the post when I heard the beep and I could see her message right away. I'm sorry that's happening to you!
  9. Got so excited, I couldn't type! My matching words were: prizes, Angie, photographs, templates, blending, chat, and layers
  10. Oh, yes.....I forgot to say please. Excuse my manners.
  11. And it's not just fun for them! It's fun for us too -- seeing the fun they are having!!
  12. Andrea, that's a fun way to choose words. I do that with my great-nieces at our washer tournament. They get to help draw the teams and they think it's so much fun. More fun that way for me too. Thanks, Linda, and congrats to you too. I had to stay up WAY too late but I'm looking forward to doing some shopping. And I enjoyed learning some fun facts about our Multitasking Queen, Ngaire!
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