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  1. I joined November 1, 2008. I believe I found Scrap Girls just by googling scrapbooking. I had never had experience with the traditional or digital scrapbooking but I was interested. I quickly found out that the Scrap Girls members were very friendly and could answer just about any question you threw at them. The very first SB supplies I bought were from Scrap Girls and they were Ordinary Peoples Boy Basic and Girl Basic from Mandy Steward. I have enjoyed the games and appreciate all the help I have received. These girls are very creative and I like to ooh and ahh over their pages. Happy Anniversary, Scrap Girls!!!
  2. I bought Ro's Secrets Revealed and More Secrets Revealed CDs in 2011. Does anyone have those plus Linda Sattgast's CDs? I was just wondering if it would still benefit me to buy Linda's CDs or if the information was basically the same. Linda is having a special on her CDs that ends tonight. Thanks for any input you have. Deb C.
  3. Thank you SO MUCH, Linda!!
  4. Thanks again, ladies. Linda, if I do edits like a lot of blemish removal, etc. on someone's face, and I do it the destructive way......will that harm the resolution of the picture when I print it? Will you be able to tell that I have done it the "bad" way when I print it? Like not being as smart, etc. I guess I'm wondering if I should just start all over again with this picture. It is a very good pic of Mom and Dad and I want to enlarge it. Thanks. Deb C.
  5. Thanks, Linda. I figured I was not doing my edits the best way. I will check out your suggestions.
  6. OK, this brings up another question I have been wondering about. When I say I am editing on different layers, this is what I do: I click on the background photo and hit control J which copies the background layer. Then I make my edits on Moms face and while I am still on that layer, I hit control J again and then I make my edits on Dads face. It works doing it that way except that you can't go back and change any of those edits. Is this the correct way of doing this? I have just been kind of winging it and I think I am doing things the hard way. Thanks for your help. Deb C. MacBook Pro Yosemite PSE 9
  7. Thanks, girls! It worked!! I merged my top 2 layers together (Pearly Whites and Moms Teeth) and then I added another layer at the top. It then let me do more editing on their faces. I have been struggling with this same issue for a very long time. I'm glad I finally took the time to ask you ladies. Thank you SO much!! FYI - - This site is wonderful. I posted this same question on another scrapbooking forum about a day before I posted it here. On the other forum, not one person has tried to help. On this site, I had five people who responded. Thanks again!! It is much appreciated!! Deb C.
  8. I am having problems using layers while editing a photo. I am using PSE 9 on a MacBook Pro running Yosemite. For instance, I am editing a photo of my Mom and Dad, using the spot healing brush on their faces and whitening Mom's teeth. These are my layers: Pearly White 1 (Mask) Mom's Teeth Dad's Face Mom's Face Background OK, now I think I am finished......but......I see something else I want to fix on Mom's face. When I click on that layer, it won't let me fix anything now. How can I fix something on that layer now? I have never been able to figure it out and I know there must be a way. Thanks for your help! Deb C.
  9. Was wondering if anyone had any problems installing PSE 13 on a Mac running Yosemite? Does PSE 13 seem to play well with Yosemite? A couple of questions about installing: 1. If the pictures in your organizer are located on an EHD, do you need to have your EHD plugged in when you install PSE 13? Otherwise, your pictures will not be "connected." 2. I have read that when you have Yosemite, you need to uninstall your preferences before you actually open PSE for the first time. Did anyone have to do that? Thanks for your help. Deb C. Macbook Pro running Yosemite PSE 9 and PRE 9 PSE 13 (ready to install)
  10. Thanks everyone! Good luck to everyone on the next round.
  11. I have a MacBook Pro, running Yosemite. I am wanting to install PSE 13 and have never switched to a new version before. I understand you need to be sure all your photos and scrapbooking elements are "connected." So, that being said, if you have photos/elements located on an external hard drive, those items will not be "connected" unless you have the EHD plugged into your laptop. So.....when you install the PSE software, are you supposed to have the EHD plugged into your computer? Or does that even matter? This is probably a very basic question but I'm a little nervous about doing this correctly. Also, is it advisable to keep two programs on the same computer? (such as PSE 9 and PSE 13) The reason I might want to do that is that I also have Premiere Elements 9, but don't have that for 13. I am assuming that the program 9 will not work with 13. Does anyone know? Thanks. Deb C.
  12. Boy, those elves really shook them up good! I got 4 today! Total of 6 now.