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  1. carp12310

    Organizing software on MAC

    Do you tag your things to find them? Or rename the file? I was thinking about doing this, but I have so many supplies (as I have been digital for about 8 years) I would want to make sure I could find everything.
  2. carp12310

    Organizing software on MAC

    I had purchased it today, but apparently it doesn't work on Mac Sierra (which is the latest version of Mac). The thumbnails of all my .psd, .jpg, etc would show up for a second and then disappear. I would make sure yours don't do this too. I opened a ticket with ACDSee and they confirmed it does not work, and asked them to refund my money since it is no use to me if I couldn't see anything. Just something to check on your system and to be aware of so you don't upgrade until its fixed. I am thinking of going down the Lightroom path, as that seems like my only alternative, since I like to have lots of different tags to find all of my stuff. Anyone use Lightroom?
  3. carp12310

    Organizing software on MAC

    Hi All, I have been using Picasa for all my digital scrapbooking needs. I just realized that Picasa is no longer being supported by google, so Im trying to find another alternative. A long time ago (before I switched to using a Mac)..I used ACDSee...which I loved...but it is not supported currently on Mac Sierra. :-(. I really want to find something like ACDSee for Mac as I love using tags to find all my digital scrapbooking elements. I have tried my PSE Organizer, but it crashes every time I have it import my files (I have a lot!). I do not want to store all of my scrapbook files inside iPhoto library. I would like them to remain within my file system. Any ideas of what I can use? Im racking my brain trying to figure it out. Currently on my file system I have all kits organized by designer. I want to use tags so that I can find templates (by number of photos), view kit previews etc. Thanks for all of your help!