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  1. Thanks, Debby. I am glad the injections worked. He has an appointment next month and I want him to ask the doctor about the injections. He also has some German heritage.
  2. Debby, I am happy that you have had a successful surgery. I want to thank you for posting about this deformity. When you first mentioned it earlier this year, I showed your comments to my husband. This prompted him to have his hand checked by a surgeon that specializes in the hand. Hubby does have Dupuytren’s Contracture, but the doctor says it is too early for surgery. For now the doctor wants to see him every 6 months to evaluate for changes. We know he will eventually need surgery. The layout is great and it appears that even surgery isn’t stopping you from enjoying a tasty treat.
  3. Love this!! Your dream scene is so inviting and really speaks to me. I like how you used the contrasting elements of snowflakes and sprigs of flowers to anchor the corners of your picture. Lately we cheer every tiny little sign that warmer weather is on its way.
  4. Thanks for sharing your good experience with Costco photo, especially their customer service. I think we will start out with only 1 photo as a test run. Over the years I have read good comments about their photo books and processing. I trust you ladies and value your opinions.
  5. We came across 9 vintage family photos that were taped (UGH!!) in an album. In 2 of the pictures the tape is across the face. Does anyone know anything about the quality of Costco’s Photo Restoration Service? Any suggestions where we might get reasonably priced, quality service would be welcome. Thanks
  6. bitzee

    The Wedding

    Stunning journal page for a beautiful couple. I love the quote. Your daughter-in-law is very lucky.
  7. bitzee

    My kids can sleep anywhere

    Love it, love it. This is priceless. Oh, to be able to sleep like that again!
  8. I prefer word art to alphas. Word art can be a fantastic way to add the finishing touches to a layout. I often see a word art design that I really like, but it doesn’t say what I need it to say. I love Syndee’s Retro Solid Text http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Embellishment-Templates-Retro-Solid-Text.html. I would like to see something like this in the kits that would go along with the theme of the individual kit, but allows you to personalize with editable text. If not, maybe Syndee can come up with some less-fancy text templates for layouts that feature everyday activities.
  9. So sweet!! Congratulations on your beautiful grandchild.
  10. bitzee

    Swap for Carol

    Wow, this is a gorgeous layout! The colors pop and bring out the beautiful pictures. I love how you used the diamond frames. The blending is wonderful. Great job.
  11. Marlene Peacock's Adoption Story Word Art has a nice Thank You in it. http://store.scrapgirls.com/Brush-Set-Adoption-Story-Word-Art-Super-Biggie.html
  12. bitzee


    Oh, no!!! Really cute way to document a Christmas tree mishap. I love how the CH appropriately falls off the edge of the photo and the crying icons are perfect.
  13. bitzee

    We. Are. Family.

    Everything about this layout is beautiful. Your picture captures the special bond that these young people have with one another. I love how you angled the papers and journaling is wonderful.
  14. bitzee

    Ranger Graduation

    I love this. Awesome way to showcase this proud moment. Your photo is a perfect shot. Great job!!
  15. bitzee


    Beautiful, Debby! The orchids really set it off nicely and the blending is so well done.
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