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  1. Look at you! Love your Minnie Me photo. This is beautiful. The blending is perfect and the muted tones of the floral accent add just the right amount of color. I, too remember those little outfits from my generation.
  2. I didn’t see this when you first posted it. But, I couldn’t help commenting on the beautiful transformation. The suggestions to get you unstuck were excellent. My favorite change was the addition of the little butterfly over the P in peonies. That one little butterfly pulls together all the colors in your flowers and adds a nice pop of color in a delightfully unexpected place. Framing the corner gives the layout balance and is a very nice touch. Great work ladies!!
  3. bitzee

    One Word- Time

    Beautiful layout! The story behind this wonderful family treasure is worth documenting and you did a great job of telling it. The journal-type page displaying the picture is the perfect complement.
  4. bitzee


    This is such an elegant layout and a great idea for a couple’s favorite song. I love how the greenery and the white roses add a pop of color that enhances the black and white without being a distraction. Perfect!
  5. I have a 16 x 20 professional  portrait of my great grandfather circa 1900.  I have preserved it digitally and shared the digital copies with family.  But, no one in our family has a use for a portrait this large.  The photographer in me cringes at the thought of putting it in the trash.  Does anyone have an alternative to throwing away a perfectly good vintage portrait?

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    2. bitzee


      Thank you, ladies.  It helps to know that I am not the only one who struggles with this type of sentimental attachment.  This particular picture tugs so much at my heartstrings.  “The original is such a tangible link to the past” says it all. The first time I saw this portrait hanging in my uncle’s office, I was awestruck. This man was my Dad’s grandfather and I saw an older version of my Dad in the portrait.  It was in his features, the way he stood, the way he held his cane, and in the overall build of his body. Dad had a different look than his 5 siblings.  He was the only one who looked like his paternal grandfather.  I will hold on to this tangible link to my past for now.  Since the portrait is an original, I will store it with his biography as well as the contact information for the local historical or genealogical society for my kids to handle when I am gone.

    3. Celestine


      bitzee - that sounds like a perfect solution for you and your family!

    4. MariJ


      Oh that sounds like a great idea and thanks so much for sharing your feelings and more about the photo and what it means to you.  I was touched reading your words and like you, feel better from your question and the answers that I, too am not alone in sentimental attachments...  

  6. Love your layout!! This is a wonderful way to infuse some playfulness into this pandemic situation that has turned everyone’s lives upside down. It is an activity that others can enjoy safely. I love how you give the children something to look forward to by saying new fairies are arriving daily and inviting them to come back. Your layout makes me want to see your fairy garden in person. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Congratulations and thank you for your service, Devin! I love how the flag looks so lifelike among the fireworks. My son graduated basic training at Fort Jackson and it is an awesome ceremony. Good luck and stay safe.
  8. In the past I have seen Club Collections available for individual purchase after the collection is no longer the current club item.  Are ALL Clubs available for individual purchase after a certain period of time?  I have never seen the June Club, “My Summer Junk Journal” by Florju Designs as an individual purchase so I was wondering if only some clubs become available for individual purchase.  Thanks

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    2. bitzee


      April, thanks.  I will be watching for it.

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      I messaged the designer, and she will try to get Summer Junk Journal up in the shop this week. :)

    4. bitzee


      Awesome!! Thank you, April😊

  9. Thanks, Debby. I am glad the injections worked. He has an appointment next month and I want him to ask the doctor about the injections. He also has some German heritage.
  10. Debby, I am happy that you have had a successful surgery. I want to thank you for posting about this deformity. When you first mentioned it earlier this year, I showed your comments to my husband. This prompted him to have his hand checked by a surgeon that specializes in the hand. Hubby does have Dupuytren’s Contracture, but the doctor says it is too early for surgery. For now the doctor wants to see him every 6 months to evaluate for changes. We know he will eventually need surgery. The layout is great and it appears that even surgery isn’t stopping you from enjoying a tasty treat.
  11. Love this!! Your dream scene is so inviting and really speaks to me. I like how you used the contrasting elements of snowflakes and sprigs of flowers to anchor the corners of your picture. Lately we cheer every tiny little sign that warmer weather is on its way.
  12. Thanks for sharing your good experience with Costco photo, especially their customer service. I think we will start out with only 1 photo as a test run. Over the years I have read good comments about their photo books and processing. I trust you ladies and value your opinions.
  13. We came across 9 vintage family photos that were taped (UGH!!) in an album. In 2 of the pictures the tape is across the face. Does anyone know anything about the quality of Costco’s Photo Restoration Service? Any suggestions where we might get reasonably priced, quality service would be welcome. Thanks
  14. bitzee

    The Wedding

    Stunning journal page for a beautiful couple. I love the quote. Your daughter-in-law is very lucky.
  15. Love it, love it. This is priceless. Oh, to be able to sleep like that again!
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