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  1. Yummy layout! Love the vivid colors of the foods against the background papers. The template displays your photos perfectly. Now I am hungry.
  2. You're welcome. I already had these in mind for when I get around to doing my Dad's hunting layouts. Good luck on your cookbook!
  3. You might like Naturalist’s Journal and Woodland Animals both by Angela Blanchard. http://store.scrapgirls.com/Naturalist-s-Journal-Collection-Biggie.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/Naturalist-s-Journal-Embellishment-Mini.html http://store.scrapgirls.com/Woodland-Animals-Embellishment-Mini.html
  4. bitzee


    This is a great way to have fun—food, drink, good friends & even some exercise! Your pages work well together and I like how your title letters mirror the curve at the bottom of the page. Your pretty pictures of a beautiful day in a warmer climate remind me that spring is on the way!
  5. This layout is gorgeous. Your close-up photo captures Mother Nature’s incredible beauty. The background photo is so inviting. Makes you want to sit and stay nearby to enjoy the view. Your excellent blending ties everything together perfectly.
  6. bitzee

    Valentine Bouquet

    This is an amazing page and a great way to remember a special bouquet. The swirly flowers, ribbons and pearls frame it beautifully. The many different shades of pink add wonderful texture and depth. I love the sketch treatment on the picture of the bouquet. And I agree that the ribbon is very touchable.
  7. Beautiful layout. It has an elegant look to it. I especially love how you used the greeting card to border the page.
  8. Connie Prince also has the Clubhouse Collection that goes well with the Mickey and Minnie colors.
  9. This is so special. I just got home from visiting with my 90-year-old Mom. Right before I left to come home, she asked me the same question she asks every day and as always, I answered it again. Your poem is a beautiful perspective for when roles are reversed and the “children” become the parents. Thank you so much for the reminder of those days long ago when Mom was in her role as my first teacher. There was so much daily repetition for her as she taught me basic life skills and helped me with my homework. The layout is beautiful, I love the sculpture, and the message is touching.
  10. This is such a fun layout. I love the signs and the boys look like they are having a ball. The blended background photo is beautiful. You scrapped this wonderful memory perfectly!
  11. Look at you! Love your Minnie Me photo. This is beautiful. The blending is perfect and the muted tones of the floral accent add just the right amount of color. I, too remember those little outfits from my generation.
  12. I didn’t see this when you first posted it. But, I couldn’t help commenting on the beautiful transformation. The suggestions to get you unstuck were excellent. My favorite change was the addition of the little butterfly over the P in peonies. That one little butterfly pulls together all the colors in your flowers and adds a nice pop of color in a delightfully unexpected place. Framing the corner gives the layout balance and is a very nice touch. Great work ladies!!
  13. bitzee

    One Word- Time

    Beautiful layout! The story behind this wonderful family treasure is worth documenting and you did a great job of telling it. The journal-type page displaying the picture is the perfect complement.
  14. bitzee


    This is such an elegant layout and a great idea for a couple’s favorite song. I love how the greenery and the white roses add a pop of color that enhances the black and white without being a distraction. Perfect!
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