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  1. So sweet!! Congratulations on your beautiful grandchild.
  2. Wow, this is a gorgeous layout! The colors pop and bring out the beautiful pictures. I love how you used the diamond frames. The blending is wonderful. Great job.
  3. Marlene Peacock's Adoption Story Word Art has a nice Thank You in it.
  4. Oh, no!!! Really cute way to document a Christmas tree mishap. I love how the CH appropriately falls off the edge of the photo and the crying icons are perfect.
  5. Everything about this layout is beautiful. Your picture captures the special bond that these young people have with one another. I love how you angled the papers and journaling is wonderful.
  6. I love this. Awesome way to showcase this proud moment. Your photo is a perfect shot. Great job!!
  7. Sara, it is great to see you back! I am happy that you are beginning to feel like your old self again.
  8. Beautiful, Debby! The orchids really set it off nicely and the blending is so well done.
  9. Elisha, this is beautiful. I can't believe how quickly you whipped this up
  10. Debby, this is an elegant layout. It is so inviting and looks like the perfect place for a leisurely stroll. Your beautiful blending and title treatment complement your picture so well.
  11. Debby, I love your beautiful, vintage layout! Your extractions are wonderful and I like how many of the items belonged to family members. Most of us have bits and pieces of the past in the form of everyday things that our loved ones have left behind for us to treasure. This is a fantastic way to bring all the pieces together in a very meaningful manner. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Jo, this is such a sweet photo. She is sitting in that stroller like a princess. I love the muted colors and the vintage feel of the background paper. You are lucky to have such well-preserved pictures and your layouts do them justice. Beautiful 2-page spread!
  13. I totally agree that pre-made is the way to go. Your Hartmann Tree is beautiful.
  14. Jo, are you looking for something like this? I found this layout in the gallery. Here is the link - I am interested in seeing what Elisha comes up with.
  15. You're welcome!