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  1. Bonnie D.

    Ole Haven Farm

    Captured moments on the farm
  2. Remodeling and rebuilding our home that was built in the 1850's was a crazy thing to do at 70 years of age. It is beautiful now. We survived with new muscles as hard a nails. Products Used: CRO Memorable Paper ASO WOW Embellishments String SNU Memorable Paper
  3. The fun is in building sand castles while the tide is out not their permanency. Products used: AMC Country Garden Rickrack ABL Cowboy Flowers MSD Digital Sticker SNU SWT PM Diamond Paper
  4. ASO SS Embl Sparkle Trails BMU AngelDust Papers

    © byoung 2015

  5. Happy birthday, Bonnie!

  6. Materials Used: AFT_AYO-ZmPg_LifeMon_Paper2_b TCS_HavingHope_Paper_BlueSolid VRA_Dresden_Emb_BraceletBorder VRA_Dresden_Emb_BirdBlue

    © &copy

  7. materials used: AFT_LifeMon_Paper_16 AFT_LifeMontage_Paper_7 AFT_LifeMon_Paper_13 AFT_JIF6_LifeMon_2_Border AFT_LifeMon_Emb_Ribbon1 SG_Dec2009_Set2_Emb_KVE_Stars SG_Dec2009_Set2_WordArt_TKA_Wonderland SG_Dec2009_Set2_Emb_ABL_Sled I love this group of products.

    © &copy

  8. Materials Used: ABR_JIF6-BOY_LayoutPNG-12 ABR_JIF6-BOY_LayoutPNG-14 BMU_AYO-Zoom_BeesKnees_Bow-Brown

    © &copy

  9. Materials Used: COL_SSClub_Sep11_FabricHappy_Paper-dots KME_SS_Paper_WatercolorResist_Sunflower COL_SSClub_Sep11_FabricHappy_Paper-brown TYO_JunkLove_Emb_CapCopper TYO_JunkLove_Emb_KeyDream COL_Inspiring_Embs_Chain-looped PWR_MemoryLane_Emb_Flower_Gold-Silk ASO_BrushSet_ArtInspiring_Imagine_a Ro_Brush_PickUp Can imagine that all ugly trucks have a story to tell if they could talk?

    © &copy

  10. Bonnie D.


    Material: KSC_Tootsie_Pin_Grn KSC_Tootsie_Metal_Word_PunkinPie I made the other elements in Photoshop CS 5.1 We adults plan things that we think children will like but often are surprised or distressed by their choices. Eating dirt was not the plan.

    © &copy

  11. Bonnie D.


    Materials: PWR_Ancestry_Paper_Grey-Lace PWR_Ancestry_Paper_Gold BMU_PaintSheers_EMB_10 PWR_Ancestry_Paper_Parchment AWI_ChristmasMagic_Emb_Mesh BMU_Chronicles_EMB_Lily My Mother is the dark headed girl holding the baby. She lived with an aunt, uncle, and their children after her mother died when she was 10. Some of the children in this picture are her young cousins. Mom is now in the last stages of Alzheimer's so I am honoring her life.

    © &copy

  12. Bonnie D.


    Materials TYO_MosaicRetreat_Paper_PlumFleck TYO_MosaicRetreat_Paper_CreamOrchid TYO_MosaicRetreat_Paper_GreenCracks TCS_SimpleLife_Paper_YellowOchre VRA_Dresden_Emb_Cord1-Red VRA_Dresden_Emb_Cord4-RedOrange Maxwell is 3 years old now and most of his puppy behaviors are gone but he has to have a morning walk. That is good for me.

    © &copy

  13. Materials: AMC_Gleeful_Paper_Watercolor-Letter AMC_Gleeful_Paper_Blue-Handmade AMC_Gleeful_Paper_Green-Torn BMU_HolidayLights_EMB_Stars Source of Photos: http://www.clker.com/disclaimer.html Washington Memorial photo free clip art http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2010630477/ U.S. Capitol Building photo owned by Library of Congress http://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/highsm.04920/ Jefferson Memorial photo owned by Library of Congress http://diggwallpapers.com/DesktopWallpapers/2532/Washington-National-Cathedral,-Washington-DC/640/480/ National Cathedral photo owned by Digg Wal

    © &Copy

  14. Materials: PWR_MemoryLane_Paper_Cardboard ACA_SSPaper_LaceItUp_5_a_Background SNU_YesterdaysChild_Emb2-PaintChip I drew the heart design in Photoshop CS5.1

    © &copy

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