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  1. From the album Ole Haven Farm

    Products Used: ABR You Are PS paper BMU Bees Knees embellishment Frame CKA SS Kitchen paper BMU AYO Zoom Zoomba papers This hen did not want me in the coop. She stood there to block my way but a rooster attack from behind. Luckily he hit the steps instead of me. I screamed and lost my shoe but was unhurt.
  2. From the album Ole Haven Farm

    Products Used: AMC Country Garden CED SS embellishment ABR Just Messy Paper AMC Pirate Mermaid Paper This duckling hatched in an incubator and attached to the family. The other ducklings were hatched by mother ducks.
  3. From the album Ole Haven Farm

    SNU SWT Nano W art SNU Jiffy Album SWT LO1 SNU SWT Embellishment Splatter Blue SNU SWT W art Everyday Magic SNU SWT Embellishment gold button SNU SWT CSM Heart SNU SWT Embellishment leaves SNU SWT Embellishment paper I found myself giggling as the ducklings tried to jump up into the rubber pond. That day, just one made it up.
  4. From the album Ole Haven Farm

    Products Used: VRA Events09 embellishment AWE Little Zoo embellishment ASO Denim embellishment Patch ABR Boy border BVA SS embellishment French Lace ABR You Are Paper Tan ABR You Are Paper Red ABR Boy Paper Floral Brown Duck always hops up on this pipe and cleans her feathers after she swims.
  5. From the album Ole Haven Farm

    Product used: SNU SWF embellishment circles SNU SWF embellishment dried flowers SNU SWF PM painted paper SNU SWF PM2 painted flower paper SNU jiffy album SWT I watered the animals for a week while the kids were on vacation. I put a daily scrap page out on Facebook so the kids could see that their "babies" were doing well.
  6. Remodeling and rebuilding our home that was built in the 1850's was a crazy thing to do at 70 years of age. It is beautiful now. We survived with new muscles as hard a nails. Products Used: CRO Memorable Paper ASO WOW Embellishments String SNU Memorable Paper
  7. The fun is in building sand castles while the tide is out not their permanency. Products used: AMC Country Garden Rickrack ABL Cowboy Flowers MSD Digital Sticker SNU SWT PM Diamond Paper
  8. ASO SS Embl Sparkle Trails BMU AngelDust Papers

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