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  1. I will really try to do the chats. They are lots of fun!
  2. What a great page. I don't like the beach in summer either. You are correct--too hot. I love sitting and looking at the waves in the spring and fall when it is not too hot. This page made me feel happy.
  3. This is the inside of the birthday card for my son-in-law. I used Manmade and Junkyard Alpha by Brandy Murray and I think the template is hers also. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know.
  4. Great LO and so very sad to see a beautiful old building demolished and replaced with a modern box. Congrats on winning.
  5. I used Veronica Sprigg's Headlines Kit. I have been working on the Heritage book for my grandchildren and I needed to put in some of the major world events that I remember.
  6. The photo is really neat and you did a great job with the LO. Now the people who come after you will know about where it was kept AND see the photo.
  7. I forgot to mention that the photo was taken by their mother, a super photographer. Thanks for the kind words.
  8. Our youngest three granddaughters--all sisters. By the Sea by SNU, Coastal by BMU
  9. Wow, this is terrific.
  10. I used Angler by Jennifer Ziegler and Framed Photo Masks by Syndee Nuckles.
  11. The colors caught my eye first, then the great LO. Super job on this!
  12. Great job with the freebie and the challenge. I was just working on one like it when I saw yours! Back to the drawing board.
  13. Congrats. I love this LO for its colors, wonderful photo and the overall way you showed this beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing this.
  14. Ditto the above comments. I especially love the baby photos with their grown-up photo. The Manmade kit is terrific and you have used it perfectly. I can clearly see why they are your "sonshine".
  15. Adorable! She is peeking at me! Great LO.