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  1. Love this, both the papers & embellishments, and the thoughtful expression you've captured.
  2. Love it! Great masking and embellishments.
  3. I like the unified backgrounds in this series--is there a meaning for the chevrons?
  4. Lovely! Cute picture!
  5. WOW!  I've been away for a few weeks and the boutique is bursting with new goodies!

    1. Mikelle


      Welcome back!  

    2. jenrou


      Good to see you, Barbara!

  6. love it!
  7. 11 please!
  8. I have a Nook (Samsung Galaxy) and love it. I read news on it via Flipboard, follow friends on Facebook, play some games occasionally, and read some books on it. I sometimes with I had a bigger screen (I think mine is ~7.5" diagonally) but it's light to carry, and a good size for reading books or news stories. It allows addition of a mini SD-card, for storing pictures or movies. I use it for pictures of my scrapping and supplies.
  9. I don't have a new bread recipe, but I do have a new Thanksgiving side dish; can I do that instead?
  10. Wow! What a great page--the blending, frames and background work together so well. Love it!
  11. I love the flow, picture, brushes, blending--everything about this layout, Jane.
  12. I like ExtractNow; you can download it here: Not fancy, but works great.
  13. Elisha, thank you for a gorgeous club!

    1. Elisha


      So glad you like it!

  14. Wow! what riches! Thank you!
  15. I'm excited about Bekah's coordinating burlap papers with her Project Keepsake July collection.