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  1. BarbaraC1977

    SG Weekend wildcard

    I love this--laid out beautifully, great focus on the adorable pix!
  2. BarbaraC1977

    June 2018 Recipe Swap

    IE is an OLD browser, and more and more applications don't work with it (Citrix GoToAssist, among others.) I suggest you add Firefox or Chrome to your computer if you don't want to use Edge (although I'm warming up to it.)
  3. BarbaraC1977

    June 2018 Recipe Swap

    I sent Celery Salad a bit ago.
  4. BarbaraC1977

    Speed Bingo

  5. BarbaraC1977

    Speed Bingo

    I wasn't checking early enough, so my bingo this round is too late.
  6. BarbaraC1977

    Speed Bingo

    Mine are in.
  7. BarbaraC1977

    June 2018 Recipe Swap

    Thanks for tip on re-making cards. I will do a new card when submitting an old recipe.
  8. BarbaraC1977

    BarbaraC1977 & Family

    My family & friends, events in our lives. Enjoy!
  9. BarbaraC1977

    April 2018 Recipe Swap

    Featherbed Eggs
  10. BarbaraC1977

    March 2018 Recipe Swap

    Sent in my Crispy Peach Cobbler Recipe, a two-card favorite, adapted from Smitten Kitchen. We love it!
  11. BarbaraC1977


    Love this, both the papers & embellishments, and the thoughtful expression you've captured.
  12. BarbaraC1977

    New York New York

    Love it! Great masking and embellishments.
  13. BarbaraC1977

    December Photo Challenge Day Dec 16-18

    I like the unified backgrounds in this series--is there a meaning for the chevrons?
  14. BarbaraC1977

    Cutting the Tree

    Lovely! Cute picture!
  15. WOW!  I've been away for a few weeks and the boutique is bursting with new goodies!

    1. Mikelle


      Welcome back!  

    2. jenrou


      Good to see you, Barbara!