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  1. Not sure where to post this--LOVE the forum/gallery makeover!  Someone's been working very hard!

    1. jenrou


      Hi Barbara!  Yes, they have! I'm learning to get around on it. 

  2. Another recipe with eggs, cheese & chilies--hooray, and petty card.
  3. I love tarts. Sounds delicious, and attractive.
  4. Yum! Nice and clear--thank you!
  5. Can't wait to try this.
  6. Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks for making it so easy to read! Lovely.
  8. Sounds lovely & very pretty!
  9. Nice and easy to read!
  10. Pretty, and I love chili relleno casserole.
  11. I posted mine a couple of days ago. Avgolemono Sauce w/ Asparagus.
  12. New recipe for me: Avgolemono Sauce Light, easy alternative to Hollandaise Sauce.
  13. We tried this for our Easter dinner--it was easy, quick and tasted great! It's a Greek sauce, "avgo" is egg. Thanks for looking! Supplies: ABR_Effortless_Emb_Button1A, Emb_Flower7, Emb_Flower9, Emb_Grass2, ABR_Effortless_Emb_LeafGreen ABR_Effortless_PaperSuperMini_1, Paper_Grunge1, Paper_MO_2, Paper_Solid2 ABR_FallingForYou_Paper_Damask_Yellow AWI_Blended SSStyle Fonts: Candara, Copperplate Gothic Bold SNU_FancyRecipeCards_6 SNU_ShadowMe_SSStyle © Barbara Crane, 2017

    © © Barbara Crane, 2017

  14. I use Duplicate Cleaner Pro. I find it very helpful, and it hasn't steered me wrong yet. It also works for music files. They have a free version also, more parameters you can control than in the free version.
  15. From the album Around the World 1996

    1st paragraph: We bought coffee & juice while we got our bearings, Genoa is ancient-looking on the hills surrounding the harbor. We took an early morning bus down to see the harbor, and the aquarium. Genoa’s waterfront had been “spiffed up” for the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage.