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  1. Cranberry-Orange Scones
  2. AFT_Blissful_collection-paper Flourish-design-Boy & Toys Apple Symbols Regular
  3. March 2018 PL-#1
  4. bed_difd_bs_T2-1 white canvas DotSwirl-DreamA_Little Dream-Kitty Designs Always Forever Bold
  5. This recipe looks good...and easy. Pretty card, too. Thanks! (I need to do a card!)
  6. I still can't get emails on my Mac. To anyone who tried to email me. :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jenrou


      Mail opens then closes immediately, mail loading  continuously, but not long enough to read or write anything. Evidently this is a well known problem, according to Mac places on the web. I just don't feel up to tracing the problem. One day I'll take it somewhere to be fixes. In the meantime, contact me thru SG. Too many things going on here to worry about it. I check in and admire all the scrapbooking going on. :)

    3. AnnBK


      I fixed it by opening an account with gmail.

    4. jenrou


      It looks as if Ill have to open another account for email, too. Hi Ann, good to hear from you! :)

  7. I love this! Good job.
  8. This is a super lovely page of your Dad. I love it. Hudson's Dad was a medic like yours, but we don't have much except his photos.None of them ever talked about it.I'm so glad you have all of these mementos.
  9. I have a spork in my RV. (spoon/fork)
  10. Rustic Soup (typos corrected)
  11. SNU_ SSPaper_ARt textures-rag watercolor Florju _freezin paper Florju_freezing-Flowermemories American Typewriter condensed Bold
  12. Mike had a photo of Louie placed on a pair of his Vans. They do custom shoes.:)
  13. Tomato Basil Soup
  14. SDE_CherisEveryMoment-paper SDE_CherishEveryMoment-flowersbrush Multi ornamental font Myriad Pro semi-bold
  15. February #1 PL