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  1. jenrou

    October 2018 Recipe Swap

    Pumpkin Bread, using a cake mix
  2. AFt_reinvent_paper AFT-Reinvent_embellishment Bradley Hand
  3. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    October 2018
  4. jenrou

    web-october PL 2018

    JRA_Fresh Green paper Curly string
  5. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    Congratulations Jane. Hang in there. :)
  6. jenrou

    September 2018 Recipe Swap

    Creamy pasta This was just an ordinary everyday recipe, but now Google has made it famous for me. GRRR. My Mac is locked to new or changed attempts-something I apparently clicked on, to do with privacy. I have no idea how to undo it! Sorry!
  7. jenrou

    jenrou-Creamy Parmesan pasta

    Google has locked my Mac-I can't change anything-some mistakes in this, but sending it anyhow.
  8. jenrou

    Lemon Garlic Shrimp

    Beautiful card! It sounds delicious, too.
  9. Everyone's layouts look so good!!  I can't stay in one position very long to comment a lot. In one of my crazy falls after my gallbladder surgery, I fractured a rib or two. Ouch!

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      OUch is right, Jean! Yikes! Please take care of yourself. I hope you heal quickly.

    3. alsoarty


      Oh noooo. Hope you feel better soon.

    4. SodScrap


      Take care Jean!

  10. jenrou

    Hodge Podge LO 11 - mood board 2

    Lovely! Love the frames, and delicate look.
  11. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    Sept. PL
  12. jenrou

    Sept. PL-1

    BMU_Autumn Jewels-paper American typewriter BMU_Outdoor Dad-Berries
  13. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    I'm out of sync-hoping I signed up every month.👀
  14. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    August PL 2018
  15. jenrou

    web-August PL.jpg

    AFT_Seasonal_Spring BHA_SS_LYO-Seedpacket Brush2 BHA_SS_LYO-Seedpacket Brush3 BHA_SS_LYO-Seedpacket Brush3 shading American typewriter