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  1. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    Sept. PL
  2. jenrou

    Sept. PL-1

    BMU_Autumn Jewels-paper American typewriter BMU_Outdoor Dad-Berries
  3. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    I'm out of sync-hoping I signed up every month.👀
  4. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    August PL 2018
  5. jenrou

    web-August PL.jpg

    AFT_Seasonal_Spring BHA_SS_LYO-Seedpacket Brush2 BHA_SS_LYO-Seedpacket Brush3 BHA_SS_LYO-Seedpacket Brush3 shading American typewriter
  6. I love seeing your mom's cards. Very pretty.
  7. jenrou

    August Project Life 3

    I agree! Very nice pages. :)
  8. jenrou

    August 2018 Recipe Swap

    Bacon-Cheese Dip
  9. jenrou

    Jenrou-Bacon Cheese Dip

    ABR_Cookit-card2 paper11-BeachyKeen-studioFlergs foliage2-BeachyKeen flower6-BeachKeen paper-7-beachyKeen American Typewriter condensed bold
  10. jenrou

    Weekly Winners July 23rd & 30th

    Surprise! Congratulations to all, and thanks. April, I've been wondering how your family is doing, with all the crazy fires, mudslides, etc going on in California I hope everyone is ok.
  11. I would like those! Such a cute card, too.
  12. jenrou

    July 2018-PL1.jpg

    BR_Perfection-paper-diamond AFT_Jif6_Eventide Always Forever Bold flourish-2-CherishThis Moment Sorry, best I could do for this time.
  13. jenrou

    July 2018 Recipe Swap

    Corn Salad-July
  14. jenrou

    Corn Salad-july recipe.jpg

    Beach-peachyKeen ASO_Eventide paper Beach paper-PeachKeen ACA_SSEMB_Photomask Apple Chancery
  15. Everyone's layouts, including beautiful recipes are sooo good. I hope to be able to get back to leaving comments soon. :) (Thanks for comments on mine.)

    1. MariJ


      So good to see you, Jean!   And, always happy to comment on your lovely pages.  :)

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Hi there, Jean! I'm always glad to see you in the forum and to see your lovely work in the gallery, too.