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  1. You can call or hand-write me. Or---on Scrapgirls.

    Good to see you.



  2. Hi Scrapgirls!

    It has been so long-I've forgotten my passwords.

    My mac is going tt  the shpp=it's messed up. 

    I miss you all, but can't think straight now. 





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    2. alsoarty


      Sorry to hear that Jean, but so glad you said hi. Good luck with your computer.

    3. Mikelle


      Come back as soon as you can, we miss you!

    4. Boatlady


      Welcome back I am looking forward to seeing you around.

  3. Thank you. So nice of you. Congrats to others!
  4. jenrou


    Very attractive pages! Thanks for your service.:)
  5. Very pretty, Diane.Keep up the good work! Jean
  6. I got mine. Thanks Conda! I couldn't get anything to work correctly this month, and finally realized today that I have been "out of it" a few days or a week.I had a fall a about a week ago (diabetic) passing out and landing in the kitchen floor, face down. My lips, nose, most of my face was split and I looked as if I had been in a fight. I was in the bed most of the time, but tried to work on the Mac. Now I realize why I was having so much trouble!! Thanks for putting up with me!
  7. Sorry I couldn't get the lines out. My PSE or Mac is still scting up.👀
  8. BMU_AutumnJewels 2 DumbRegular font
  9. http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/178428-jenrou_fudge-krinkles/
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