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  1. Oh no, hope it doesn't last. DH and I had something flu-like for two weeks, sore throat and all. Get well soon.
  2. Cute owl! Perfect.
  3. Hi Monica! I like your siggie! Thanks for commenting on mine.
  4. I went by the directions-2 photos-oops.
  5. Peonies-Here's Mine. My mac was acting up, hanging up, so it is what it is. Thanks for a fun challenge, Andrea.
  6. Lemon Tuesday Regular font Kristi medium font ABR_Perfection_Emb-leaf FLO_TravelersNotebook-paper6 FLO_TravelersNotebook-paper1 FLO_TravelersNotebook-paper12 ABR_Perfection-leaf ABR_perfection-leaf ABR_Perfection-leaf
  7. I like your scrap recipes, Andrea.
  8. I need to make a new one, also add some Blinkies, but I've forgotten how.
  9. Cute siggie, Tina. My son called from Germany in the middle of the chat. haha.
  10. Anna, my daughter is here from NW Houston. The water came to her door, but she got lucky. Did you make it ok?
  11. Thanks for the tut! I like the alpha outline also.