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  1. Jenrou_Shrimp Salad
  2. BMU_AutumnJewel paper Loopdeloop-ArtPalette-AnneAspnes American Typewriter font Alex Brush font
  3. Congrats to everyone! Beautiful layouts.
  4. An artist friend of mine regularly submits to the Calgary and mail art group. He has been sending copies of his newsletter to me since Wetcanvas days in the 1990's. He turns them seasonally into postcards on thick card stock.
  5. April 2018-PL2
  6. Orange Marmalade
  7. SDE_FollowYourHeart-scatter ABR_PopColor_orange Dot-Swirl-DreamALittleDream American Typewriter font Always Forever Bold font
  8. Congrats to everyone. Great layouts!
  9. Very pretty.
  10. What a pretty cake, and a special page. Glad you all enjoyed your trip.
  11. April-PL1
  12. VPearce-structuring collection-paper 07 SDE_FollowYourHeart brushes American Typewriter font
  13. Congratulations!
  14. I also use a digital frame, and enjoy seeing them again.