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  1. jenrou

    Weekly Winners - 2/4/2019

  2. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    Thank you. So nice of you. Congrats to others!
  3. jenrou

    Weekend Challenge 12/8/18 Carol: Kermit

    Very touching and beautifully done.
  4. jenrou


    Very attractive pages! Thanks for your service.:)
  5. jenrou

    Tues NL Challenge - Traditions

    Great idea for a layout! Very festive.
  6. jenrou

    Dec ATC 2 - white space

    So pretty!
  7. jenrou

    Tues Dec 4 NL Challenge - Christmas Past

    Very pretty, Diane.Keep up the good work! Jean
  8. jenrou

    November 2018 Recipe Swap

    I got mine. Thanks Conda! I couldn't get anything to work correctly this month, and finally realized today that I have been "out of it" a few days or a week.I had a fall a about a week ago (diabetic) passing out and landing in the kitchen floor, face down. My lips, nose, most of my face was split and I looked as if I had been in a fight. I was in the bed most of the time, but tried to work on the Mac. Now I realize why I was having so much trouble!! Thanks for putting up with me!
  9. jenrou

    Jenrou_Fudge Krinkles

    Sorry I couldn't get the lines out. My PSE or Mac is still scting up.👀
  10. jenrou

    Jenrou_Fudge Krinkles

    BMU_AutumnJewels 2 DumbRegular font
  11. jenrou

    November 2018 Recipe Swap

  12. jenrou

    Project Life 2018

    Nov. PL 2018
  13. jenrou

    web-project 1-LPNOV

    Bradley Hand font Photos
  14. jenrou

    Thanksgiving for NL AFT Challenges

    This is really pretty. Sorry I haven't been in touch. Tough times, right now.
  15. jenrou

    October 2018 Recipe Swap

    Pumpkin Bread, using a cake mix