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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Good Morning! It's good to see you on the messageboard so bright and early this morning!

  3. mRaeDalman


    I also share your addiction to hostas. Love the LO, I had not thought of taking a picture when they were just sprouting from the ground - love it!
  4. Happy Birthday,I hope your day is filled with LOVE, laughter & lollipops!

  5. Photos of my grandson Kenton taken at Pier Cove (Lake Michigan) Used papers from AWI_FleetingMoments collection to clip to several of the ArtistPapers in this months Club. Very fun to play with and creates some interesting looks.
  6. This is one my favorite photos of my daughter, Angela. When I first saw the kit I knew it was perfect for this photo. Spent yesterday evening and several hours after work today making changes till it looked close enough to what I had envisioned in my head. Finally took the time & looked at the gallery and love all the layouts done with the new kit!
  7. Wonderful job. The layout really stands out. The colors of the kit are perfect for the "coloring" on the old photo of your sister.
  8. What a sweet photo. The paper and accents really make the photo stand out. Really like how you dangled the word art from the ribbon.
  9. Great job on blending the background photos. Love how you use the new kit and still kept the overall style of the layouts for the trip. Love the story. It's always the lighter moments that make the trip.
  10. Gorgeous layout. I like how you blended the large photo into the castle wall background, gives it so much texture.
  11. Returned yesterday after 2 weeks in Florida visiting my mother-in-law. She lives in DeLand, which is about 15 miles from Blue Springs. As we had left early on Feb. 1st today was my first opportunity to unzip and use the new collection. It was perfect for the photos I took at Blue Springs State Park.
  12. mRaeDalman

    1/30 - The Ring

    Love the sentiment,it's perfect! Love how you framed the photo. It will make a beautiful card for your niece.
  13. mRaeDalman

    Brrr, it's Cold

    This winter, my grandson Kenton is finally starting to enjoy being out in the snow, as long as it's not too cold!
  14. Love this, what a gorgeous photo. The embellies on the alpha are perfect with the photo.
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