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  1. Going to give this a try if I can remember how
  2. Great design - so clean and readable. Love the puppy!
  3. He looks like he's at that age. Great white space and blending.
  4. How cute! I like the frame over the snowflakes, too.
  5. Ah, here it is! So pretty, I love the leafy border around your cute photo.
  6. Love the glowing color and the simple sketch.
  7. AggieB


    He's a cutie! I like the color and texture of your background.
  8. Very nice! Great white space and I love the windmill. Wonderful theme, too.
  9. What a wonderful design! Such pretty embellishments but still lots of white space. (And the little birds with the long legs are one of my favorites!)
  10. Very cute - love the photo of the little girls looking for something in the grass. The butterflies are a nice touch and you did such a great job with the white space.
  11. AggieB


    Now neat! Amazing design with the tiny flower and the soft background.
  12. What a neat idea - to create a 'hole' in the background to show off the photo. Very nice.
  13. AggieB

    forever mine

    This is lovely. I really like the shadowy building and the other embellishments framing your photo. And there is so much white space still. I'm in awe.
  14. AggieB

    Through The Window

    Lovely! I really like your wordart and the open window frame is such a nice touch.
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