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  1. AggieB

    Project Life, week 04, 2018

    Great design - so clean and readable. Love the puppy!
  2. AggieB


    He looks like he's at that age. Great white space and blending.
  3. AggieB

    Are You Listening NL 1/23

    How cute! I like the frame over the snowflakes, too.
  4. AggieB

    Newsletter challenge

    Ah, here it is! So pretty, I love the leafy border around your cute photo.
  5. AggieB

    Roman Holiday

    Love the glowing color and the simple sketch.
  6. AggieB


    He's a cutie! I like the color and texture of your background.
  7. AggieB

    La Mancha

    Very nice! Great white space and I love the windmill. Wonderful theme, too.
  8. AggieB

    Summer walk on the beach

  9. AggieB

    How do you start your day?

    What a wonderful design! Such pretty embellishments but still lots of white space. (And the little birds with the long legs are one of my favorites!)
  10. AggieB

    Little Things (White Space)

    Very cute - love the photo of the little girls looking for something in the grass. The butterflies are a nice touch and you did such a great job with the white space.
  11. AggieB


    Now neat! Amazing design with the tiny flower and the soft background.
  12. AggieB


    What a neat idea - to create a 'hole' in the background to show off the photo. Very nice.
  13. AggieB

    forever mine

    This is lovely. I really like the shadowy building and the other embellishments framing your photo. And there is so much white space still. I'm in awe.
  14. AggieB

    Through The Window

    Lovely! I really like your wordart and the open window frame is such a nice touch.
  15. AggieB

    NL Challenge, Jan 16th

    Very nice! What a great idea to put the nighttime photo with the moon for the background.