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  1. Mean to say, this is gorgeous! Can't quite figure out how to comment without copying.
  2. Very nice, I really like the way your photos flow together. And you did do a great job putting yourselves into the photo.
  3. Oh, ouch! Love the design, though with the subtle background, merged photos and the cute swirl.
  4. Oh, that does sound good! Unfortunately, I will be many miles from a warm beach. The cornucopia on the beach is a cute touch.
  5. Interesting, I'll have to share this with my sister who loves new drink mixes. I like the texture and the design works great with your shotglass.
  6. What a gorgeous photo! I like that flower shadow in the corner - great choice.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. If you're not celebrating the holiday, wishing you joy in family and friends.

    1. Ngaire


      Thank you Aggie, same to you, hope you have a really wonderful day!😁

    2. MariJ


      Happy Thanksgiving, Aggie!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!! (Sorry, I cheated a little on my supplies:) GWH_SSCards_Everyday5x7-Card3 BMU_Noella_Banquet.jpg JRA_Nature'sBounty_Emb_AppleTrug.png Scrapbook_Flair_givingthanks_wordart_01.png Scrapbook_Flair_tg2006_icon_applepie.png Scrapbook_Flair_beach_bg_12.jpg
  9. Interesting question, it is a beautiful paper. Could it be some kind of shadow or merged papers? Love to hear the answer.
  10. Looks like a beautiful spot. The lovely rustic background is a great touch.
  11. Aww, she's a cutie! Love your background, too. It looks like a painting.
  12. How pretty, wonderful already in your title. Caught my eye I the gallery.
  13. This is adorable and so interesting. Love that border. I'm glad to hear you are in contact with Darren.
  14. Lovely family and the paper is so pretty. Your little ones are very thoughtful to make the gift.