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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean to copy the painting. I'm still feeling my way around the new interface. How do you delete this kind of mistake? Anyway, it is a lovely painting.
  2. Lovely!
  3. Oh, these are so much fun. I saw a sign this week for a $99 flight to Norway, what would I see there? For local, there is always New York City, but if we took a little cruise, you could get up to Albany, my stomping grounds. On the way you would go past the Catskill Mountains and many historic mansions with beautiful gardens and views of the Hudson River
  4. I got way behind this month - just busy with other things. I am afraid to look in the gallery, I'm sure there are a ton of wonderful posts. When is the deadline, I may be able to do one more project tonight.
  5. Oh, how pretty! I love everything about this.
  6. Pretty border and it's such fun to hear about trips to other places.
  7. I really like this design with the rounded photos and the swirl behind.
  8. They are really cute and look so alert. I like your cluster - it is very pretty. Perfect paper colors to accent your photo, too.
  9. What an enticing path and an interesting cluster.
  10. Here's my one photo page. I used a photo I wouldn't have scrapped otherwise. This challenge is working out really well for me. Thanks, ladies!
  11. That is quite a face on the pumpkin! I like your background and the cute scene you built for your cluster.
  12. Oh, how neat to travel like this! A really neat photo and I like the two sections in your design.
  13. This is a great old photo and mid 40's sounds about right with that coat and hat. How wonderful to find the photo and the subject identified. I love that wordart - such a pretty G. The floral stripe is also very appropriately vintage looking. Great layout.
  14. Very interesting blending and I love that font!
  15. What a wonderful surprise - it's a beautiful bridge. Lovely photo of it in the woods, too. I do like the way you laid out the journaling, cluster and title.