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  1. Oh, ouch!
  2. Cute! Thanks for sharing
  3. Interesting, how do the countries differ?
  4. I'm so sorry, I really sympathize - it is so hard to let then go. Lovey design, like a page in a book. What a cute kitty, too!
  5. Don't entirely understand your journaling, I'm sorry, but it's a great design - so colorful!
  6. Oh, funny! Was there another one with her? Love the cat in the grass skirt.
  7. Looks like one of Jody's masterpieces! I love the colors in the background.
  8. Wonderful - lovely photos and a great description. Such a pretty design. And, like Dianne, I can almost smell the lavender looking at your page.
  9. Neat design - I really like the way you put the old ceiling as the background and the new one in the frame. The ceiling looks great, too.
  10. I don't use photoshop, but are there two selection tools? One for everything everywhere of that color and another one just for what touches where you select.
  11. What a great idea and the layout really captures the day. I like your paper choices and that is a beautiful cluster.
  12. Beautiful! What great papers and photos and the curled frames really add a special touch.
  13. What great photos. And a map! This is wonderful. Great paper choices and a lovely piece of wordart for the title.
  14. What great photos and how neat you could find matching embellishments! I love the rustic wood frames - perfect for your wildlife layout.
  15. I enjoyed watching this layout 'under construction'. I love the triangles and the pretty combination of papers. Nice photos of the rose garden, too.