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  1. I like both colors, but on my monitor, the pink is much easier to read. Coming along very nicely! I'm really enjoying watching this come together.
  2. Interesting. I like the design - looks like something out of a museum.
  3. Made some progress tonight. I'll probably make some changes.
  4. Glad you found the page, Conda - it's very pretty. Everyone is making wonderful blended pages! I am thinking of 'borrowing' Laraine's. Gorgeous pages in progress, I think I'm intimidated. Waiting for a bunch of photos to upload to Flickr. bored, bored, bored....
  5. How pretty! Love that flock of butterflies and what an elegant texture to your background paper. Your model is a cutie, too,
  6. Nice quote and I love that title font. Fuchsias are so colorful. Some of them are downright gaudy. I like the side borders and the way everything fades toward the bottom.
  7. Looks like a great afternoon and I really like your design - the photo across the top and the cluster of smaller ones with the title on the side.
  8. If frats is generations, there are actually 4 there. It's pretty exciting.
  9. Finished #2 - lots of rearranging here: Easter 2017 Here are my steps:
  10. Here's layout #2. Boy, making everything fit was hard work. This was a special year because it was my mom's first great-granddaughter's first Easter. She's a cutie. We were glad tht Sarah did the hunt one more year - she'll be too old all too soon. I used: AFT_Gratitude_Emb_Curl_b DDS_EasterSGarden2_Emb_bunny, egg1, egg2, basket Papers: AFT_LaBV_Paper_1, 2 Fonts: Colonna MT Sitka Heading Tangerine Bold Bodoni MT Italic Created with GIMP
  11. I see lots of people moving things around to fit the requirements. I am just on add 4 embellishments and I have to start shrinking photos, I'm afraid. Ah, well, back to the drawing board.
  12. Ouch. Love the look of this though - like an illustration from a garden catalog.
  13. Very nice - great blending.
  14. What a great thing to do. Pretty layout, too, I like the way you lightened the paper, not just behind the text, but in a swath along the side. Must remember that.
  15. That's quite a change of course! What a pretty background paper and I love the blending.