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  1. Very clever and so colorful! Great page.
  2. What a nice collection - the colors are so pretty and I love all the patterns. Nice job on the photo, too. I like the way the flowers pop. Great to 'see' you, too.
  3. How nice - this is a lovely photo of you and yours. I love the way you've blended the photo into the background - can't tell where the photo leaves off, so it looks like part of your room.
  4. Great idea! The bright colors look wonderful and what a nice photo of you and the girls.
  5. Congratulations on your retirement! I really like this - the background is so pretty. Nice work on the desaturation of the photos.
  6. Very nice. Your stormy clouds make this all look very dramatic. Lovely shot of you, too.
  7. That is a sweet photo. I like the look of the subtle background.
  8. What a nice photo - you look lovely and such a beautiful background! Pretty color and background, too.
  9. Ow, that foot does look sore. Cute hair though. I do like the background you chose - looks like a sheet and the medical symbols are the perfect accent.
  10. Very pretty and such wonderful colors.
  11. Sam

    How beautiful - this is a piece of art. So sorry for your loss, Sam looks like a real cutie.
  12. Need a good collection for a baptism card this weekend, Any sugg?

    1. CRS


      Under Themes>Misc. Themes>Religious there are some cute collections.

  13. Cute bit of journaling, started my day with a smile. The butterflies are a pretty touch.
  14. Cool wordart - love the bolted down letters. And such a fun bit of journaling. I agree, I always approach my junk drawer(s) with caution.