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  1. I got way behind this month - just busy with other things. I am afraid to look in the gallery, I'm sure there are a ton of wonderful posts. When is the deadline, I may be able to do one more project tonight.
  2. Oh, how pretty! I love everything about this.
  3. Pretty border and it's such fun to hear about trips to other places.
  4. I really like this design with the rounded photos and the swirl behind.
  5. They are really cute and look so alert. I like your cluster - it is very pretty. Perfect paper colors to accent your photo, too.
  6. What an enticing path and an interesting cluster.
  7. Here's my one photo page. I used a photo I wouldn't have scrapped otherwise. This challenge is working out really well for me. Thanks, ladies!
  8. That is quite a face on the pumpkin! I like your background and the cute scene you built for your cluster.
  9. Oh, how neat to travel like this! A really neat photo and I like the two sections in your design.
  10. This is a great old photo and mid 40's sounds about right with that coat and hat. How wonderful to find the photo and the subject identified. I love that wordart - such a pretty G. The floral stripe is also very appropriately vintage looking. Great layout.
  11. Very interesting blending and I love that font!
  12. What a wonderful surprise - it's a beautiful bridge. Lovely photo of it in the woods, too. I do like the way you laid out the journaling, cluster and title.
  13. Nothing like a girls excursion and throwing in a beach makes it wonderful. Cute photo of you ladies. Your cluster/title is lovely.
  14. She's so cute and so is the dress. I think the elongated cluster works really well here and I like the design of the sidebar.
  15. They are cuties and look very satisfied with their performance. Gorgeous cluster in the corner.