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  1. I work in downtown Albany and live near the Waterford Visitor's Center. Maybe we can work out a meeting. Or else, be sure to give a wave as you go by.
  2. I agree, templates are a great start with large numbers of photos. Lovely papers here, too - can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. By the way - is there a way to reply to someone without making another copy of the images attached? It seem to waste so much space.
  3. Pretty papers and I always like to see a map.
  4. How beautiful! What a great photo and I love all the pieces in your background. Where are the flowers in the corner from? That is a great touch. I also love the scrolling text in the corner.
  5. Oh, how pretty. Love the colors and the blending.
  6. Beautiful! Love the beach photo and the soft blues. Nice poem, too. I think that beach is going to get pretty crowded.
  7. What a beautiful little girl - just look at those eyelashes! I like the way you framed the photo, like a hole in the paper. Lovely blending, too.
  8. I've been watching this progress and what a great final layout! Love the photo and the great nature colors in the background. OOB, bokka, blending - such a wonderful job.
  9. What a great photo and you found the perfect paper for it. Neat cluster and wordart, too.
  10. Beautiful! I love how you used the paper as the base of your cluster and what a great job with it! A beautiful photo, too, she is a lovely young lady.
  11. Great background and use of white space. I can never stop at this stage. The wire and white spotches are a great backdrop and that's a lovely font.
  12. Love the background with the splash of pink on the black. Great wordart, too. Love it.
  13. Ah, yes - I can see he is having a wonderful time. The layout is very pretty - love the soft colors and the ribbon with flowers - such a nice touch.
  14. Bee

    Gorgeous! I don't know where to start, but that's a wonderful photo, I especially like the oob and that's a great paper choice for the honeybee.
  15. What a cutie, olympic material for sure. Love the pink and the bit of blue tile blended in. Pretty wordart and the curly ribbon is such a nice touch.